Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inktomi’s Spamming Policies

Inktomi’s Spamming Policies

Sites that violate the Inktomi content guidelines may be removed from the index. These

sites are considered as spam. Inktomi considers techniques such as tiny text, invisible

text, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, and fake links as spam.

Pages with no unique text or no text at all may drop out of the index or may never be

indexed. If you want a page to appear in web search results, be sure that page includes

some unique text content to be indexed.

Inktomi, however, does index dynamic pages. For page discovery, Inktomi mostly

follows static links, and the avoidance of dynamically generated href links except in

directories disallowed by a /robots.txt exclusion rule is recommended.

Spamming includes:

Embedding deceptive text in the body of web documents.

Creating metadata that does not accurately describe the content of web


Fabricating URLs that redirect to other URLs for no legitimate purpose.

Web documents with intentionally misleading links

Cloaking/doorway pages that feed Inktomi crawlers content that is not reflective

of the actual page

Creating inbound links for the sole purpose of boosting the popularity score of the


The misuse of third party affiliate or referral programs

Click popularity measurement

As mentioned earlier, Inktomi measures the click popularity of web pages while deciding

the rank of a web page. Click popularity is the number of times the surfers click on

your web page listing and how long they stay in your site.

The number of click on your site's listing can be improved by utilizing the title and the

Meta tags. These two tags not only help you in attaining a high rank in the search

engines, but they also can be utilized to write a good marketing text about your site. The

text in the title and Meta description tag appears in the hyperlink listings on the search

engine results page. If the text is attractive to the net surfers, the chances of getting more

clicks is greater.

Another factor which decides the click popularity factor of your web site is the time that

the visitors spend in your site. The secret behind retaining visitors in your web site is the

content of your site. Informative and useful content relevant to the search terms will help

to retain visitors to your site and make them come back again.