Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spamming – A Definite No-No

Spamming – A Definite No-No

A couple of years ago spamming may have worked wonders for your website. However,

with sophisticated algorithms being developed by all popular search engines, spamming

can only backfire. Algorithms, these days, can easily detect spam and not only ignore

your website but also ban your website.

Besides, instead of spending considerable time and effort on spamming you can always

follow other proven strategies and have a higher rank with most search engines.

Spamming can also easily irritate readers. Think about it – if your homepage has

unnecessary repetitions of a particular keyword, it is bound to frustrate a reader.

Consequently your site, instead of being content rich, would be junk rich. This can have

nothing but a negative impact on your business.