Sunday, September 21, 2008

Page Rank Based On Popularity

Page Rank Based On Popularity

The web search technology offered by Google is often the technology of
choice of the world’s leading portals and websites. It has also benefited the
advertisers with its unique advertising program that does not hamper the

web surfing experience of its users but still brings revenues to the

When you search for a particular keyword or a phrase, most of the search
engines return a list of page in order of the number of times the keyword or
phrase appears on the website. Google web search technology involves the
use of its indigenously designed Page Rank Technology and hypertext-
matching analysis which makes several instantaneous calculations
undertaken without any human intervention. Google’s structural design also
expands simultaneously as the internet expands.

Page Rank technology involves the use of an equation which comprises of
millions of variables and terms and determines a factual measurement of the
significance of web pages and is calculated by solving an equation of 500
million variables and more than 3 billion terms. Unlike some other search
engines, Google does not calculate links but utilizes the extensive link
structure of the web as an organizational tool. When the link to a Page, lets
say Page B is clicked from a Page A, then that click is attributed as a vote
towards Page B on behalf of Page A.