Saturday, September 20, 2008

Features of Google Adwords

Features of Google Adwords

• Competitive Pricing: AdWords Discounter automatically monitors your

competition and lowers your CPC to one cent above theirs.

• Ranking: Rank is determined by combination of CPC and click through rate. If

an ad is irrelevant to users, they won't click on it and it will move down the page.

Your relevant ads will rise, at no extra cost to you.

• Campaign Management: Multiple ads per keyword. Google tracks individual ad

performance to help you monitor which ones perform well. AdWords Discounter

takes care of your campaign for you, dynamically raising and lowering your CPC

within the range you specify to keep you in the position you want.

• Timing: Ads go live almost immediately once you create them.

• Minimum Deposit to start: $5.00 total startup cost

• Monthly Minimum Fee: None

• When Billed: Billed only for clicks received, after they're received.

• Budgeted Delivery: Set daily budget for your campaign. Continuous delivery

each day over the time period at that level.

• Target by Country or Language: You choose who should see your ads from

among 250+ countries and 14 languages.

• Tools: Enhanced keyword tool suggests other phrases AND most popular

synonyms based on billions of searches. Results in better targeting and higher


• Ad Groups: Set a maximum price for an individual keyword or a group of