Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Stupid Mistakes that Affect Blog’s SEO Status

I hate stupid people. Sometimes, when things are created for you to use, use them! Now, since I’m talking about SEO for blogs here, I think you guess it — plugins.

Plugins are made for you to benefit from them. Most are free (at least most of the best are) and I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least upload them onto your plugin folder.

There are 2 very easy to use, and very simple plugins that you should utilize:

1. All-in-One SEO pack

I would have called you loser if you haven’t use them. Unless you have never heard of them, you are a total idiot. Because this plugin rocks. You can input all your title tags, descriptions for your homepage as well as your posts!

If this plugin doesn’t rocks like I said, you can phone Miley Cyrus and tell her that she acted like an amateur on Hannah Montana.

2. Google Sitemap maker

Any plugin that can make sitemap is good enough. But there are still some noobs wondering if sitemap still works in their efforts to rank higher.

Let me tell you once and for all. Search engine spiders love sitemaps. Unless you’re an total idiot who don’t know what the heck a sitemap is, simply go to . Please don’t tell me you don’t know how to access the URL I just gave because it’s easier than feeding yourself with brocolli.

Okay. I know some of you cannot install plugins. So, I want to be an angel here and help you a little. Firstly, open your FTP program. Yeah, FTP program. If you don’t have one, go to Filezilla and download a free one.

Next, double click on your public_html and then go into wp-content folder. You should see plugin folder there. Double click and that’s the folder you want your plugins to be in.

Download the plugins and then unzipped them if you haven’t. Then, just upload. It’s easier than making yourself a hot chocolate. If you can double-click, you can install plugins. The next thing you should do is just activate the plugin in your dashboard (plugin section).

Good luck.

5 Mistakes that You Made When You Start Blogging

You are a sore loser if you did what I am going to list below here. I don’t hate losers, but I hate losers who quit because they are being a loser. I made mistakes all the time. I made mistakes by trusting famous gurus like Joel Comm and still ended up with nothing much in my AdSense.

What I’m saying is that one shouldn’t be a sore loser and cry over the mistakes they made. Like it or not, I believe everyone is a loser at a certain point of their online career. Who cares?

Okay, enough of craps. So, here go all the mistakes you may have made when you started blogging:

1) Use WordPress as blogging platform
Don’t get me wrong. I used WordPress on all my blogs myself and I made over thousands of dollars online thanks to WordPress. I love WordPress like I love my wife. The thing is, sometimes even those “lousy” Blogspot blogs can make big bucks. I’ve seen some bloggers made $500 a month through a Blogspot blogs. WordPress is still the best but you need to check out if WordPress is for you and your needs.

2) Not getting RSS subscribers early
I’ve seen some bloggers on the block who do not really care about their RSS subscribers count. RSS subscribers are like football players in a football team. Without football players, how the heck can a football team functions well?

I’ve seen some silly bloggers who think they are much better than anyone else in terms of producing contents. Content is king? No way content is still king. Please do remember to recruit your RSS subscribers as early as you can.

3) Using an ugly theme
I don’t know about you, but I hate blogs with ugly themes. Go over to and look at how pathetic this blogger can be. He uses a free, outdated and ugly theme on his blog. Maybe this pathetic just can’t afford a theme.

The thing is, you should get your blog a good theme or at least a premium theme. If you can’t afford one like the above blogger, at least go over to DigitalPoint and get yourself a $7 logo. No one is going to laugh at you for that.

4) For not commenting
Commenting is the easiest way to get exposure and backlinks. Unless you don’t think traffic and PageRank is necessary, you must comment!

Commenting is so easy and although it can be bothersome as time goes on, you can always outsource to some Malaysian kids to help you comment on your name.

You can use the dofollow diver to pick blogs that is dofollow, has commentluv and top commentators list. It’s that easy.

5) Not networking
I hate networking because I am rude, obnoxious and people called me jerk all the time. I used to neglect the networking efforts because of that.

Now, with Facebook and MySpace, you should call yourself a sore loser for not using them. If people like Darren Rowse and John Chow use them, why not you. Setting up an account is easier than walking 5 miles from my home to McDonald’s.

Social networking becomes easier as you can simply just drop a message to people in your niche every once in a while. Within a long time, you will find your posts getting Digg-ed, Stumble-ed or Reddit-ed without being a nice guy.

How to Make Quick Money Using the Power of Video Streaming

I love watching TV shows. From CSI to Entourage to even Survivor, I just love sitting in front of my 40’’ LCD TV to watch them all day and night long. Yes, I have day jobs if you are wondering. I managed to cover all my expenses through my ventures online.

Back to business. If you have watch TV shows online through video streaming, I bet you have seen some of this websites. Simply go to for some easy example.

From such sites like this, I made about $10 a day from CPA networks. Unless if you think $10 a day is some measly amount, you can get your ass out of this blog.

Building this site is so simple that I don’t want to explain much here. Yes, I know this is kind of blackhat already, but it’s up to you if you want to use it.

The idea is to always update the latest episodes on your website. You can use WordPress and change it to CMS style by following the tutorial here by WPDesigner.

To monetize this site, you simply sign up at those CPA networks like Clickbooth and NeverBlueAds. Then, you just apply those codes they will supply. Then, the only thing you need to know is how to apply the codes (the guides are available on the networks site), know when will the latest episodes are out and where to get the videos. You can know where to get the episodes by going to similar websites in the same niche and check out where they got the videos. Maybe from YouTube (less likely) or some Chinese words site like

Like it or not, people make money that way. So deal with it.

Let Me Help You to Choose Your Niche

I hate it when people come and tell me they don’t know which niche to go into. That is just plain stupid. Some people also believe that they can succeed in any niche. That’s just plain bullsh*t. How would anyone want to read a blog on eating olives? Okay, maybe one or two readers but that’s it. You won’t make thousands out of that niche.

Thanks to SEOBlackHat, here is the list of niche that will help you to choose the niche you should be in.

acne medication
adult toys
advertising (site web)
as seen on tv
audio books
auto loan
baby shower
banks business loan
beauty products
bill consolidation loan
black lights
broadband phone
business finance
business opportunity
car accessory
car insurance
car rental
cat food
catholic / christian / religious products
cell phone
classic car
computer hardware
credit card
customizable vitamin store
debt consolidation
debt management
discover card
dish network
domain Registration
dvd rental
educational software
fantasy sports
fast cash loan
finance and investment leads
floirst / flowers
garden plant
gift basket
gospel msuic
gospel music
health fitness
home depot
home safety tip
home security
home theater
horse racing
hosting reseller
infidelity test kits
internet marketing domain free free
life experience degree
low fat recipes
magazine subscriptions
make money internet
prepaid credit card
medicine alternative
medical vacation (plastic surgery)
merchant account
modern furniture
movie tickets
multi level marketing
muscle and fitness
nail care
nba tickets
new age
office supplies
online bill pay
online casino
online cigarette
online games
online pharmacy
paintball equipment
pay per click
pc 2 phone
penis pills / breast creams
pet friendly
phone card
photo developing
real estate
shopping cart
speciality music
mobile phone service
travel insurance
victoria secrets
voip / vonage
web design
web site promotion
weight loss
xm radio
yacht charters
yahoo / yahoo auctions

That’s 140 of them. Now, stop reading and start working!

Forget PPC and Move on to CPA

I am still curious if anyone still thinks PPC is worthy in a niche like technology and internet marketing. I still see some make money online blogs applied it on their blog. All I can do is laugh and keep spitting at the screen because of such lousy brains of the bloggers.

Look at it this way, PPC won’t make you much money anymore. I used to make $390 from PPC 3 YEARS ago. Right now, PPC won’t make you money anymore — unless you plan to buy a shirt with that measly money your PPC company sends you.

Trust me and go for CPA. Don’t be stupid.

Why? PPC pays an average of $0.10 per click. CPA pays an average of $1 per action. Is 10 clicks worth 1 action?

Again, please don’t be an idiot.

Quickest Way to Get on Google’s First Page - Don’t Tell Others I am Telling You These Tips

I know everyone would love to see their sites on the first page of Google. Unless you’re a lazy bum like me who hates all the work, these tips will be extremely useful to you. If you like organic vegies traffic, this might be the best tips so far.

Remember, I’m not a marketer who will sell stuffs. I make big bucks from all these tips. I don’t need them anymore. :twisted:

1. Use your keywords.

Yes, you basically just keep repeating your keywords like “make money online” or “get fit” as much as you can without been sniffed by Google for keyword stuffing. How to do this? Plan out your articles and for every 500 words articles, you should repeat 5 of your keywords.

2. Tags

I bet you know. Something like the first method and a little spammy. Use tags well because my good friend, the “Search Engine Spider” loves tags. In fact, he licks them so often that his tongue gone blue.

3. Parasiting

Create a single optimized keyword page on Squidoo or Hubpages. They existed for a reason. Make use of them.

4. Ping

Yes, although pings work automatically most of the time, you should reping after some time (maybe like 6 hours).

5. Keyword links

Best way to do this is blog commenting. Not very effective and lots of troubles, but will get your site up on search engine’s first page pretty quickly.

High Search Engine

Any site that wants to sell on the Internet is surely in a race to achieve the top position in the results of the search engines in the world. Then only it can be found by those who are looking for you.

Millions of people may be looking for what you offer, but only if you find your web site occupies the top position in the results of the search engines.

Therefore, the high on search engines is the first step to putting your website in view of the world. You need to give high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, AOL, Lycos, among others, so your site can expect to receive thousands of hits per month.

This work high on search engines is relatively simple, and you can do it yourself. Anyway, if you want to hire a company to do a complete job and high search engine positioning, here we give you some tips vital when choosing a recruiter with:

To work only those terms that can really bring traffic to your website. Anything you will be positioned in the top ranks in all search engines for a key word or phrase that is not looking for anybody.

That’s why we always recommend that, before proceeding to high in search engines, will conduct a comprehensive study of keywords or key phrases to identify the most relevant and place them on your pages and even before the search engines you are.

- Some companies promise to put up your web site to thousands of search engines, but the main thing is to give him high to your site in search engines more important. This is because over 82% of the traffic that comes to a website comes from the 3 most important search engines. It would be best to concentrate to all your effort is these search engines, and save time and money.

- Try a company that offers you a service agile. If your site is new and still has no links or incoming links (links from other websites), you should worry about inclusion in the database of the major search engines as soon as possible. Remember that then you will have to wait for you every search engine indexing, and this usually takes several weeks to several months (as in Google).

- We recommend opting for a manual system of high, so adequate to the individual requirements of each search engine and not be punished for violating laws in their operation. It’s nothing difficult to discharge in about ten search engines manually and it will take you no more than 30 to 45 minutes and you make sure to meet their high standards (which you should read before starting the procedure.)

If you are going to hire a high level of service, to remind you that the company offers this service, which comes from manually and not through software high mass.

Who controls the garbage traffic on the Internet?

They operate from countries where the practice is not prohibited, as the international organization Spamhaus, which takes eight years to fight against spam. Sending unsolicited emails (spam) on drugs, fast loans or pornography: the pirates make money to receive a percentage of sales of products and many of them using personal computers for users themselves to carry out the spam. In the United States and the European Union that practice is prohibited by law, but 64% of emails received are now spam.

That means the spam is not just a nuisance. His wealth is jammed Internet. About 55,000 million unsolicited emails are sent every day.

Who creates and sends all this huge amount of spam? The non-profit organization Spamhaus, based in the UK which carries eight years struggling against this activity, has published a list of the 10 biggest spammers. According to the state, this small group is responsible for about 80% of spam that is received in Western Europe and the United States. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of the United States last year and warned: “Although there are hundreds of thousands of people that cause this problem, the majority of spam comes from a small group of them.”

In the EU and U.S., junk mail is illegal. In Spain, send e-mails without permission of the person who receives it is expressly forbidden by the Law on Services of the Information Society (LSSI) 2002. But these pirates are changing networks and countries very often, and take advantage of lax standards of states like Russia or China and tax havens. Above all, take advantage of low international collaboration. According to recognize the past year, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), “the legislation is not going to stop, by itself, the spammers who want to make a profit.”

And it is good business. It is true that the level of response from Internet users is very low, only 15 people per million corresponds to a junk mail. But the spammers can get to send one million e-mails in less than an hour, so the profitability that profit with the push of a button is very high, and immediately. Criminals get a variable percentage of each subscription or purchase. The most popular products are drugs (36%), financial (19%) and pornography (14%) as reported by the security company Ipswich.

Where to find the offenders email addresses? They do not need great knowledge of technology, but rather in psychology. Collect addresses on personal pages and blogs, on pages where they trap an e-mail seeking to achieve some shows

Free and strings of jokes that users forwarded to friends without hiding the email addresses of others.

Once achieved, the spammer sends the message, using a single e-mail or through different addresses and servers. But criminals are refining their techniques and are beginning to use computers of their victims. The idea is to penetrate the PC connected to the Internet that are not properly protected and used as zombies who forwarded the emails to the orders of the offender. Experts estimate that 40% of spam is sent as a result of this technique.

How do I get to my site impacts?

Problem is not just that most people do this so bad, but when this question is answered either directly or through a guide, they give wrong answers, too. After all, on your site you can not sell anything with no impact.

The problem is not just that most people do this so bad, but when this question is answered either directly or through a directory, also gave incorrect answers, which, if you asked the question before, will be to buy some type of service or advertising that will solve all your problems of traffic. Although this seems the right way to start, really goes totally against obtain good result set.

One thing that I want to get first is that your initial goal should not get impacts on your site, and get a massive amount of them should not be your priority. What we need is to attract ten or twenty thousand impacts in all, always, to your sites to make them successful. It is clear that this amount will be increased in accordance progress in building your resources, and this is the key here.

The construction that you can use over and over again is the big 5: affiliates, your list, clients, customers of long-term and strategic alliances. The problem when you decide to buy advertising on search engines, newsletters, or any other, is that if you’re not prepared to start with your 5 resources, you will have to begin again and again with your promotion from scratch each time it sets another new product . This is exactly the reason why, no matter how many impacts obtain some marketers on their sites, will never earn more than a couple of thousand dollars a month.

The second problem arises when you assume, or you have said, you need to get hundreds of thousands of impacts to your site is successful. This is definitely not true. The numbers do not mean quality. It is not important what you say, and this is a fact. Comparing a strategic alliance with a list of 10 thousand suscritptores with the payment of an announcement of an electronic newsletter with 100mil suscritpores, I can assure you from the outset that, you get more clicks through the strategic alliance, but not only that, you get also by a much higher percentage of sales through a strategic alliance of quality.

So, how do you get more impact for your Web site? Well, first of all the question does not make sense because they rarely get more means better results. Looking for quality and the answer is a strategic alliance, to build these resources, and others promote your products by fairly high commissions to attract more of them. If you’re just reaching impacts few thousand a month for these strategic alliances, that is not a problem, you’re getting quality impacts and that surely will buy your product. Forget the impacts secured, forget the ads in newsletters to directly promote your site and forget positioning in search engines. These will provide you with more in terms of numbers. In that situation always think of quality rather than quantity.

This is the most complicated and requires more time. After this, it is cheap, fast and easy reuses the resources you’ve built to produce a stream of visits and sales that never stops.

Serious errors in the search positioning

That should be planned before positioning on the Internet.

Not for nothing did the great strategists say: “The Strategy First, Then The Communication”

The first grave error committed by companies or individuals who take the search engine optimization as a technique “and be everywhere, and now that we see the best search engines and to put a word associated with the object of the enterprise we first ! Is to think, rightly, that the techniques (and worse, I usually read documents with the use of the word “strategic”) positioning are filling the site with words that compulsively repeated words that randomly taken as “keywords” and then make everyone ALL put a link to your page.

They use tools and technical means of the latest generation without taking into account the message, the concept, “communication”.

Well, this is not a search engine optimization, e-marketing least a thousand names or gives to this activity.

The romance must have a basic study of marketing (albeit basic), a strategy, an implementation plan and control efficiency.

To achieve a good job of positioning and web advertising must split on the idea:

- Imitating the competition, look for “remove” the idea and position ourselves to this concept is counterproductive to try to see where he was. Your company must direct its marketing campaign depending on the characteristics of its own unique brand.

- Believing that campaigns must be innovative. The communication must be effective not necessarily creative, it must be profitable.
Very few works of positioning are targeted or take into account a very important variable: the ROI (return of Investment). This value must be positive so that our work is truly effective.
Obviously there are launching campaigns to generate a goal that is not necessarily obtain sales, or recruiting clients but for example to make the audience a brand associated with a new product or service.
This point is a great debate among colleagues: Is there really focused on marketing campaigns to something else other than Vender… Vender… Sell?

Communication must focus on the message and the recipient, not to look for “everything to everyone,” this is the only thing that will get scattered.

As I explained in other articles, the positioning is the mindset that took place a mark inside the mind of the consumer, and when the job is well done, the client has an idea, a concept that associates your brand: quality, speed, youth, safety, profitability, etc..
This concept should differentiate us from the competition; get in a place that can meet (easily).

Focused on the mark, making this substitution of a noun or verb is phenomenal. I mean, simple: the people instead of saying “let us take a gaseous” read “take a Coca Cola”, “I have a headache, and I’m going to take a Genial”. With this we are getting a little bit to what is Branding, “the power of the brand.”

Obviously achieve this is a far more complex than obtaining a good search engine optimization. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally have a special adoration for the subject).

Web positioning picture is it possible?

This is a subject which always creates doubts about whether to use images on pages that we want to position in the search engines and this is where the battle is created between the search engines and the human eye because both are seeking different things in a web , To see people like intros lively, attractive colors and images while the robots search engines are looking for something a bit more than that because they are interested in getting more good content, good navigation and site structure well-distributed in a sitemap .

Replacing text with images: why? In some cases there are words that do not interest us that search engines take as the content of the page, everybody knows that the robots of search engines give much importance to the first 30 words “about” the content Well, imagine that on your site the first thing you get is a message of welcome to your visitors “Welcome to my Web ….” Now the search engine thinks like the first thing you will get is that text and of course your keywords are going to the bottom of the abyss in positioning is concerned, in this case if we are to maintain that message of welcome we should do it in the form of image so we can leave as the first content that is found on our keywords, but you see that you already have your Web site and published do not want to change the image of it. The easiest way to implement this change without changing the image of your site is as follows:

• Abres your page from the browser.
• Pinchas button “Print Screen”.
• Then from an image editor Photoshop, Fireworks, etc …
• open a new document.
• Paste.
• It appears that you copied the entire screen to click “Print Screen”.
• Select the tool to cut or trim.
• Remove all but the welcome text that you like …
• Save it.
• And just because you have to replace the text on the page for that picture and upload it to your server.

With this method, we achieved a balance between these two rivals such as the human eye that looks and appearance robots seekers looking content.
Obviously achieve this is a far more complex than obtaining a good search engine optimization. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally have a special adoration for the subject.

Councils have to apply to your Web site

Page contact:
The visitors, customers, buyers or traffic in general should always be given the opportunity to contact you this is why we must include an email address or a contact form, and wherever possible an address and phone, this kind Data gives the visitor a lot of security when you buy it because they feel that there is a physical site to which they can go in case of any inconvenience.

News, press releases, blogs or articles:
Such information is highly valued by search engines because they offer a web content fresh, topical and it can be very helpful to visitors, from here you can inform them of events, launch new products or information that helps to which visitors return to your site to see the changes you make in these pages.

The title of the page:
I suppose that many readers will know I am referring to here but for which they have no very clear from the title page is this text that appears on the blue bar of your browser and gives an idea of the content of the page, this by title that seems simple is very important in the image we give to visitors, since in the Results page of the search engines often display this information along with a description of the site, imagine you’re looking for a word in the search engine and the page it brings you as a result is “Untitled Document” does not give very good impression right? Because that same thought and surely iran visitors to another site.

Just as the title we imagine that within a site and see a link that may have information relevant to us and when we get a puncture, the page gives error due to a broken link, sure has happened to them and safe if they happen A couple of times on the same page out of the Web and are on the next page of search results. Always remember to review their sites many times they do not have broken links, if you still are not very sure have done a good idea is to personalize the pages and display an error message with a link to the homepage.

And advise them to finish using all the information they have available to visitors to their pages, the best way for this is to review the logs from the server application or if they have any statistics showing that they use it and see where the visit, which pages visited, how long are, and so on. As this can greatly improve the distribution of Web content and gives us useful information that we can use in advertising.

Some ways to clean up your reputation for bad publicity on the results of the search engines

As many know, in some cases the name of our company or enterprise of much importance can be seen sullied by a bad reputation on search engines as they appear in the results of words that could discredit the company’s image and of course the company not be proud of this, but what can we do to improve a situation like this can can give some basic ideas of how we can achieve this. The first thing that must be the attempt of the traditional way, to have come to have a bad reputation in the results means that many people have done bad reviews in various media such as blog pages, bulletin boards and other sites allow visitors to write then we must try to contact the webmaster of those sites to remove such comments and also may be given if they have established ties to the company who want to harm or which have damaged its reputation with the words offered by these results, For example, if your company’s page appears under the search criteria “thieves” Please be assured that many people have text links to that page by placing the word “thieves” which would recruit either by mail or other means and request that such a link is removed.

Using the power of the web: the same way that tarnish our image with that kind of ties we can do it for a better idea might be to write a positive description of the business and create a page in Wikipedia and become part of a group of terms which will see the positive comment, we can also generate articles of interest, providing information and by the signature and a link our site, you can use pages or sites of great importance and fit the profile of our company, work we need to do is similar to what we do when we want to have links to our back but we will make greater emphasis on the words that are not related to a positive one, we can also use comments within blog, bulletin boards and otherwise that we can include a description of our company. Another means they can use that will improve our image fidelity and the use of testimony, which are the testimonials? They are written by our customers or people who know the history of the company and will use this commentary to the picture of what actually is the company. To summarize the work must be based on written comments, get links with positive words on our website, writing on blogs, directories, bulletin boards, sites, articles and any other means which put a profile of the company always pointing towards our site web page will include in our reviews and testimonials by people who know the history and seriousness of it and finally I can only say that hard work is not seeing the fruits from day to day but may improve over time the corporate image that we are interested in the market..



Use a good statistics program on our website is of vital importance because it can help us in various aspects such as you can see the results of an advertising campaign or learn more habits and preferences of visitors.

To do this, not just a simple accountant of visits, as it did not show us much information from visitors, even shows us the real views, but how many times has shown the page (if a visitor sees the same page eight Sometimes, the meter will add eight visits) and therefore are not useful for our purposes.

To better understand these statistics and determine which of them are what we really are useful, we know them and know about its possibilities.

Some of the information that may give statistics.

  • Unique Visitors.
  • Page views.
  • Location of visitors.
  • Visits per hour.
  • User Information.
  • Visits by country.

These are the real visitors. If a visitor loads eight times a page, there will be only a visitor. The statistics server controls such visits by checking the IP addresses for each user.

These are the number of pages that visitors have seen. For example, if a visitor navigates through seven pages of our website, the counter will join seven-page view.

We must compare this data with unique visitors to see the interest of the Internet on our website. For example if we have 100 visitors and 700 page views, we will have an average of 7 pages viewed per visitor, but if the two data were almost equal, would mean that Internet users are not concerned with the content of or links to web pages are not well marked.

Here you can see where they come from our visitors. This is very interesting, because we can control the search engines and sites that we reported more visits, in addition also can see which keywords have been used to find us from the search engines.

This figure shows the times in which we have more traffic and in the least. We can learn from us if more visitors from office hours, or at home.

Here you can learn details about the various settings on the computer of the visitor, as the browser version, operating system, the resolution of your monitor, the depth of colors, and so on. These data are useful from the point of view of design. I found it interesting that only 4% of the visitors had the resolution to 640 x 480 pixels and only 6% were the setting to 256 colors.

This fact tells us the origin of visitors by country, so if we have many visitors from a specific country, we may include some specific content in the country.

Obviously there’s more information you can provide statistics on a website, but these are the most common and used.

There are many sites that offer these statistics totally free. Compare several of them in a future article.

Only true that not all are advantages, as some of the sites that offer free services require us to have a small banner on each page, causing the distraction of our visitors (Of course we can remove this banner for a fee) and moreover, it slows the speed of page loading, especially if we show a banner

Learn the ways of Visitors

Learn the ways of Visitors

1 .- Monitor complaints by e-mail.

It is vital to monitor complaints or suggestions that come by e-mail. We must take them seriously, we should not take them as insults, quite the contrary, we think they are friends who will help you improve your site.

When we receive e-mails with complaints repetitive, is a clear signal that we need to deal more carefully with the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

2 .- Provide on-line questionnaires.

A good idea is to create an online questionnaire, where we can gather opinions from visitors. We must not create a form with many questions, are the best two or three questions, otherwise few people will spend their time completing it.

It is important to carefully consider what questions can help improve the site. Let few questions, but really useful.

For more answers to the questionnaire, we can do a lot among users who complete. It does not have to be somewhat expensive for us. We can get around an area on our website to accommodate a banner over a month, a document of particular interest to users and so on.

3 .- Using Cookies.

Cookies can help us to collect information from visitors. These are small files that are stored in the visitor’s computer and record small details. We can use them to learn more things from visitors, such as banners that have punctured.

For example: We want to know how many people are coming from a banner just buying the product. We can do this by creating a new special page for the announcement. When someone click on the banner, arrives at the page in question, where the Javascript code places a cookie on the visitor’s computer, recording who has played in the banner. When the internet user buys the product (although not the same day), the system will query the cookie, and discovers that previously had visited the site of the proceeds from the banner.

4 .- Customizing the site.

There are Web sites that employ tools to gather information from visitors, such as products that look, those who buy the banners that stuck, and so on. This data is combined with a database to make a profile of the customer, and the next show banners connections or content that best suits their interests.

5 .- Statistics site.

We can also examine the records of the traffic statistics, we can see in them habits of our visitors, such as hours during which connect more, they come to visit, etc, as well as specific data such as the browser version they use. See article analyzing the traffic.

6 .- Using JavaScript.

In addition to cookies, JavaScript can be programmed to collect information on the visitor’s browser as the resolution of the monitor you use, operating system and browser version.

All these forms to collect information about visitors can help a lot to learn more about them, and to improve the well site.

Highlights for indexed in Google

google index

google index

1 - Establishes a title in each of the documents that make up our website. The title should be short and to define the contents of the document, using no more than a couple of criteria by which we consider should be found that page in the browser.

2 - Use the Meta tags. Although google will ignore, or so it seems, is always better to not have them take them. In my opinion the only one that seems useful to google is the “meta name description”.

3 - Try to use an HTML code that is clean and adhere to the standards. Forget Front Page and page mock-ups with Microsoft Word and exported to HTML.

4 - The Flash. Apparently Google indexes sites and developed entirely in flash, Year now using Flash and the promotion of a page in terms of opposites seemed two interests. Google was unable to extract information and follow links embedded within a file. SWF, so much the content of this page as links to others were not explored by Googlebot and as a consequence, ignored completely.

However, there are many questions about the indexing process to receive this kind of file (or web) in relation to the websites in HTML, if you google regarded as “important” or not.

We recommend, if your intention is to make a strong promotion on your website or try to place it, not develop it all in flash, if you do not use the flash in parts of your documents if you need to do is give him something striking or dynamism.

5 - Do not try to fool Google with old tricks (which no longer work) as hidden text (text with the same color as the bottom of the page) or similar resources.

6 - Try to keep your pages containing text, and that text should include the criteria by which want to be found on Google. Google displays the pages on the basis of information that can draw from them, mainly the title and content in text.

7 - Build up your page rank. To do so is seeking links from other sites to yours, for example, through an exchange of thematic web sites with similar or complementary. In addition, certain that if the contents of your site are interesting, more than one site included a link to yours without even having to ask.

8 - Try not to use frames or frames on your page index. Google to index a page extracts information from it, if your page index is composed of frameworks; in fact, the contents of that page are only the FRAMESET, ie the few lines of code that sets the frameworks of the page.

9 - If your site is dynamic (asp, php …) tries to at least the index page is not, it is easier for Google to index a static to a dynamic page.

10 - Domain and hosting of payment in principle it seems that facilitates the indexing of sites, if you assumed an economic crisis, trying to register your own domain and host it on a hosting fee and avoids the accommodations without free domain.