Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some ways to clean up your reputation for bad publicity on the results of the search engines

As many know, in some cases the name of our company or enterprise of much importance can be seen sullied by a bad reputation on search engines as they appear in the results of words that could discredit the company’s image and of course the company not be proud of this, but what can we do to improve a situation like this can can give some basic ideas of how we can achieve this. The first thing that must be the attempt of the traditional way, to have come to have a bad reputation in the results means that many people have done bad reviews in various media such as blog pages, bulletin boards and other sites allow visitors to write then we must try to contact the webmaster of those sites to remove such comments and also may be given if they have established ties to the company who want to harm or which have damaged its reputation with the words offered by these results, For example, if your company’s page appears under the search criteria “thieves” Please be assured that many people have text links to that page by placing the word “thieves” which would recruit either by mail or other means and request that such a link is removed.

Using the power of the web: the same way that tarnish our image with that kind of ties we can do it for a better idea might be to write a positive description of the business and create a page in Wikipedia and become part of a group of terms which will see the positive comment, we can also generate articles of interest, providing information and by the signature and a link our site, you can use pages or sites of great importance and fit the profile of our company, work we need to do is similar to what we do when we want to have links to our back but we will make greater emphasis on the words that are not related to a positive one, we can also use comments within blog, bulletin boards and otherwise that we can include a description of our company. Another means they can use that will improve our image fidelity and the use of testimony, which are the testimonials? They are written by our customers or people who know the history of the company and will use this commentary to the picture of what actually is the company. To summarize the work must be based on written comments, get links with positive words on our website, writing on blogs, directories, bulletin boards, sites, articles and any other means which put a profile of the company always pointing towards our site web page will include in our reviews and testimonials by people who know the history and seriousness of it and finally I can only say that hard work is not seeing the fruits from day to day but may improve over time the corporate image that we are interested in the market..