Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 Mistakes that You Made When You Start Blogging

You are a sore loser if you did what I am going to list below here. I don’t hate losers, but I hate losers who quit because they are being a loser. I made mistakes all the time. I made mistakes by trusting famous gurus like Joel Comm and still ended up with nothing much in my AdSense.

What I’m saying is that one shouldn’t be a sore loser and cry over the mistakes they made. Like it or not, I believe everyone is a loser at a certain point of their online career. Who cares?

Okay, enough of craps. So, here go all the mistakes you may have made when you started blogging:

1) Use WordPress as blogging platform
Don’t get me wrong. I used WordPress on all my blogs myself and I made over thousands of dollars online thanks to WordPress. I love WordPress like I love my wife. The thing is, sometimes even those “lousy” Blogspot blogs can make big bucks. I’ve seen some bloggers made $500 a month through a Blogspot blogs. WordPress is still the best but you need to check out if WordPress is for you and your needs.

2) Not getting RSS subscribers early
I’ve seen some bloggers on the block who do not really care about their RSS subscribers count. RSS subscribers are like football players in a football team. Without football players, how the heck can a football team functions well?

I’ve seen some silly bloggers who think they are much better than anyone else in terms of producing contents. Content is king? No way content is still king. Please do remember to recruit your RSS subscribers as early as you can.

3) Using an ugly theme
I don’t know about you, but I hate blogs with ugly themes. Go over to and look at how pathetic this blogger can be. He uses a free, outdated and ugly theme on his blog. Maybe this pathetic just can’t afford a theme.

The thing is, you should get your blog a good theme or at least a premium theme. If you can’t afford one like the above blogger, at least go over to DigitalPoint and get yourself a $7 logo. No one is going to laugh at you for that.

4) For not commenting
Commenting is the easiest way to get exposure and backlinks. Unless you don’t think traffic and PageRank is necessary, you must comment!

Commenting is so easy and although it can be bothersome as time goes on, you can always outsource to some Malaysian kids to help you comment on your name.

You can use the dofollow diver to pick blogs that is dofollow, has commentluv and top commentators list. It’s that easy.

5) Not networking
I hate networking because I am rude, obnoxious and people called me jerk all the time. I used to neglect the networking efforts because of that.

Now, with Facebook and MySpace, you should call yourself a sore loser for not using them. If people like Darren Rowse and John Chow use them, why not you. Setting up an account is easier than walking 5 miles from my home to McDonald’s.

Social networking becomes easier as you can simply just drop a message to people in your niche every once in a while. Within a long time, you will find your posts getting Digg-ed, Stumble-ed or Reddit-ed without being a nice guy.