Thursday, October 30, 2008

get a counter to have more website/blog traffic

A counter of some sort is a necessity for your blog. It will allow you to monitor your traffic, to determine its sources, and will provide you with information that can help you to improve your blog to produce even more traffic.

This blog focuses on free traffic production strategies, so we are only going to address free counters and stat services. If you are running your own blog on a domain you own, your host may provide you with tracking tools you can easily use. These tend to be more comprehensive than those offered by free services and should be used when possible.
Free counters are readily available. Sitemeter is a popular source for free counters. You can find them at Sitemeter counters will let you know how many visitors you are getting, where they are coming from and other critical information. There is an additional data available to those willing to pay for an upgrade in service, but for many bloggers the basic free package will suffice.
Signing up for a free counter is an easy process at Sitemeter and most other free counter sites. Placing the counter on your site may require some manipulation of your template and will require that you copy the HTML code provided by the counter service into your template. Sitemeter, for instance, offers very simple directions on doing this for a variety of blogger sites. Those more experienced with HTML will be able to add the counter in a matter of moments.

The first use of your counter is simply to monitor your traffic. You will be able to find out how many people are visiting your blog, when they are coming and from where they are coming. Raw traffic numbers help you to determine whether your traffic building efforts are succeeding.
A second use for counters is to learn a bit about how people are finding you. For instance, if you check the referrers for your traffic using your counter service, you may discover that very few visitors are coming from one search engine while others are coming in drovers from another. This will give you an idea of where you need to better concentrate your efforts.
Additionally, the referrer logs will often tell you what people were searching for when they found your site. This can be very valuable information. If you notice an influx of people searching around a particular phrase, you may want to make sure to construct a post on that subject, for instance. It will also give you an idea of whether or not the people who are visiting your site are actually finding what the things for which they were looking.
Getting traffic is great, but it is even better when you know it’s happening. If you operate without a functioning counter, you will have no way of knowing whether or not your traffic-building efforts are paying off.

Have traffic using forums

Online message boards and forums are a great way to socialize and learn. They are also a neat way to promote your blog. There are forums devoted to almost every topic, and with very little research you are sure to find an active community of people interested in the subject matter of your blog. They can be a great place to interact, to refine ideas that may later become staples of your blog, and to enjoy yourself.
Most forums allow participants to have a “signature” attached to their comments. A signature usually consists of a name and a few lines of additional information about the commenter. These signatures can be a great way to let the world know about your blog.
The term “sigging” refers to using your forum signature as a promotional tool.

You want to use your signature as a means of promoting your blog, but you don’t necessarily want to convert into a block of advertising space. Subtlety is a good idea! Include your name and a link to your blog with a brief description.
Signatures are usually authored via a control panel at the forum. It is worth noting that most signatures will not be written in plain text or in traditional HTML. BB Code and other similar styles will be used. Invariably, the forum will offer a quick guide to the code so that you can construct a signature easily. It is important to make sure you have done this correctly--you want to be sure to have created a “live link” for your site.

Your signature will automatically attach yourself to all of your forum posts, assuming you have your settings correct (check your settings at the control panel to be sure).
Resist the urge to post a series of “me, too” responses to threads in an effort to get your signature out there. Forums succeed because users impart real information and opinion. Make yourself into a valuable contributor and it will, in turn, make people more interested in pursuing the link in your signature.
Active participation in forums can be a surprisingly effective way to generate traffic. Not only will other forum readers check out your blog, you will also find that search engines will spider forums and collect your link, adding to your total backlink numbers.

you should allow comments in blog/website

In most cases, a blogger is well-advised to allow comments from others. This inspires the sense of interactivity and community that makes blogging so attractive.
You may have to deal with blog comment spam as a result of your willingness to accept comments. This can be a hassle, but most providers offer tools to help you combat the comment spam. If you can do a word or code verification, it will filter out most comment spam. You can also choose to moderate your comments, which means you will have to personally approve them in order for them to appear. This may sound like a good idea, but it can be a really time-consuming process if your blog develops a “talkative” readership. It can also slow down the commenting conversation, which runs contrary to your objectives.
Keep your blog an open forum. Allow as much interaction as possible. This makes your blog more interesting and gives you a great chance to interact with your readership. You can learn a lot about what people are interested in and how to improve your blog by reading the comments left by others.

one way with RSS FEEDS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication (sometimes referred to as Rich Site Summary) is a means by which blogs can broadcast their content to a number of services and individuals easily. Some have gone so far as to argue that RSS is one of the chief reasons why blogging holds so much potential.
An RSS feed collects the content of your post (depending on your software, you can opt to syndicate the entire post, just a headline, or some other combination) and then sends it in readable, plain text, to any of the targets you might choose.
Bloggers often submit their RSS feeds to popular blog directories, RSS directories and search engines. Users can then find the feeds in which they are interested and “subscribe to them,” reading them with an RSS feed reader. They may also simply read your feed and then hop on over to your site.
RSS feeds are a great way of promoting your blog. There is also some evidence to suggest that RSS feeds can serve to boost the results of your blog in search engine rankings. They are also a wonderful way of getting noticed by at least one of the major search engines.

Your blogging software will probably handle the process of creating an RSS feed for your blog automatically. For instance, those blogging at are automatically “given” an RSS feed (in Atom format) that they can burn and use. Other blogging services provide RSS feeds, as well.
If your blog service provider or software doesn’t automatically create an RSS feed for your blog, you can build one yourself. Those experienced with HTML may want to hand-code their RSS feed. Those of us who prefer a quicker solution can choose from a variety of software tools (many of which are freeware) to accomplish the goal.

Having a feed will not do you much good if no one reads it! Thus, you must share your RSS feed with others. This can be done, in large measure, by using one of the multiple site ping services mentioned earlier. Pingoat, for instance, will request your RSS feed and will transmit it to a number of sites that aggregate these feeds.
You can also opt to submit your feed to any number of other RSS aggregators. A relatively long list of options, for instance, is currently available at
A great place to manage your RSS feed needs is at Feedburner, which can be found at This free service provides you with a number of tools that can make sharing your RSS feed easier and more effective.
It also offers free circulation traffic (just in case you want to know how many people are tracking your feed) and a lot of handy ways to help other subscribe to your feed.

There is a now well-known technique that may enable your site to be discovered and indexed by the Yahoo search engine in record time. This technique makes use of your RSS feed and is a relatively simple thing to do.
You must have a free Yahoo account in order to do this. Create an account if you do not already have one. The sign up procedure is fast and simple.
After logging into your Yahoo account, go to the “My Yahoo” page. There you will find an option to add content to your page. You can add content in the form of your blog’s RSS feed. It is a simple and intuitive process that will only require you to have the URL of your RSS feed (which is easily locatable via your blogging software or service).
One you add your RSS feed to your content page, Yahoo will track the RSS feed in order to keep your page updated with developments. As a result, you have instructed Yahoo to find and note changes made to your blog.
This strategy has successfully allowed many blogs to find their way into Yahoo results in record time. It has been referred to as the Yahoo backdoor and is now a practice commonly used when launching a new blog. With greater use by more people, its effectiveness may have diminished somewhat (especially in terms of search engine results), but it still is the fastest way to crack into any of the big three search engines


No one will charge you a penny for participating in a traffic exchange. The programs are invariably free of charge. All that is required of you is your time surfing. Thus, the question you need to be asking is whether a minute of your time is worth a traffic exchange visitor to your blog.
If you enjoy looking at other blogs on a variety of subject, it may be a justifiable expenditure of time. After all, you would probably be doing it anyway, so you might as well get some free benefit out of it. However, if you wouldn’t be checking out others’ blogs otherwise, it may not make a great deal of sense to participate in a traffic exchange.
This is primarily because the quality of traffic you get from exchange programs is limited. Most participants are involved simply because they, like you, want to drive traffic to their blog. They are not really particularly interested in your blog or what you have to say. They may not pay much attention to what you offer on your blog. Instead, they will simply stay there for a few moments (as required to earn their credit) and will then click on to the next blog. You will get traffic. You won’t get targeted traffic.
Now, if your blog is truly spectacular, you might be able to grab the attention of some of the exchange program members. You may also encounter some members who are genuinely interested in your blog. However, the overall quality of traffic exchange visitors is not what you might be hoping for.

There are numerous exchanges, each offering some slightly different twist on the same overall theme. They can be found easily. A simple Google search of “blog traffic exchange” will bring most of the major players in the field to your immediate attention.

TYPES OF FREE DIRECTORIES to submit your blog/site

Free directories are those that will list your blog without charging you for the privilege. Their acceptance criteria may vary, and there is no guarantee that a directory will list your site. In most cases, however, inclusion is a very strong likelihood.
Some directories are wide-ranging and contain an immense variety of categories. Others are specific to a certain geographical area or topic niche. Be sure to submit your blog to only those directories that would be interested in your content.
Free directory listings can be completely free without obligation of any sort. Other sites, however, will require a link to the directory placed on your blog. Is the value of the link from the directory worth the hassle of the link from your blog? It depends on the directory. If you are dealing with a directory that is frequently visited and highly regarded by the search engines, it may be worth a link. If it is related to your specific niche and may be of value to your readership, it may also be a good decision. However, there are enough directories that do not require backlinks to justify avoiding many directories requiring reciprocal links.

The “mother of all directories” is DMOZ. This is a human-edited compendium of web resources with an expansive array of categories and sub-categories. DMOZ ostensibly filters out “junk sites” and lists only those pieces of the internet that contain content that meets the varying standards of editors.
DMOZ listings are coveted by many webmasters because Google apparently relies on the listings as one component of its valuation process for sites. A DMOZ listing can also generate some traffic in and of itself.
Getting into DMOZ appears to be deceptively simple. You browse through the categories until you find the one that best matches your blog. You then click on the link for adding a new URL. A few simple questions are asked in a form, which you then submit.
Although the “application procedure” is simple, getting listed is not a piece of cake. The amount of time a category editor will take before getting to your site and looking at it can vary considerably. Some have said that it took several years before DMOZ took a gander at their site.
Even then, inclusion is not guaranteed. The requirements and expectations of editors vary and many seemingly adequate sites have been rejected by DMOZ.
It is worth trying to get into to DMOZ. The possible upside is sufficient to warrant a quick application. However, the best advice to bloggers is to submit your blog and then forget it about it. If you get in, that’s great. If not, you are not alone.

There are literally of thousands of free directories available. Most of them will probably have a category that is related to your blog. There are places online that maintain a list of directories. One example can be found at, which provides several hundred directories.

New directories are being launched every day. Submitting to a new directory may not produce results on par with using an established directory, but inclusion can be a great deal faster. Additionally, new directories are often excited about adding new listings and are more likely to make free listings available without the requirement for a reciprocal link.
You can find many new directories that are looking for sites by perusing forums populated by people in the online business. The Digital Point Forums, for example, contain an entire forum area dedicated to new directory announcements.

Most directories make submission intuitive. Generally, you browse the categories until you find the area that is best-suited for your blog. You then click on a visible link to add a new listing. This generally brings you to a form you must complete.
There are certain bits of information you will want to have handy when submitting to directories. You will need to know your site’s URL, its title, your email address, and you should have a brief description of your blog (as well as some of its keywords) available. Filling out forms like these can be redundant. As a result, special form submitting software (some of which is freeware) has been created to make the process easier. Those who use Firefox as a browser can also make use of a handy extension that makes completing forms of this sort much faster.

The directory tips we just covered will work for any site. One of the great advantages to using a blog is that you can make use of these traditional tactics easily and effectively while also benefiting from strategies unique to blogs. An example of this is the blog directory.
Blog directories live up to their name. They are organized directories consisting completely of blogs. They will list your blog under the appropriate categories with a description and other relevant information.
The submission process is similar to that required of other directories. You may be asked to provide the URL for your RSS feed (if available), as well. Often, blog directories request either a link back to the directory or the inclusion of a graphical button on your blog as a precondition for inclusion.
As blogging grows in popularity, these blog directories are becoming important locations for many searchers. Some people rely on these to find timely and interesting information instead of traditional search engines. You cannot afford to overlook listing your site on some of the more popular blog directories.
You can find lists of blog directories in many places, or you can simply search for blog directories using your favorite search engine. One good list of directories can be found at
Some of the blog directories also attempt to double as active blogger communities. Thus, in some cases it may be necessary to create a membership to the site first. This is generally a quick and easy process.
The ping is another unique tool for blogs that enables you to notify blog directories that your site has been updated. A ping is nothing more than a quick transmission to the blog directory, notifying them that there is new content.
These pings can send you to the top of the “updated blogs” lists, improve your visibility and increase traffic. It has also been shown that pinging can alert spiders from search engines to check out your site for updates and indexing.
Pinging should be done every time new content is added to your blog. However, if you are adding several posts in rapid succession, you may want to either ping only once or spread out your posts over a longer period of time. Many directories and blog services do not look at over-pinging favorably.
The easiest way to ping directories is through the use of an automated tool. There are two popular pinging devices you can access that will notify a host of services every time you have made an update. The more venerable of the two is Ping-o-Matic which can be found at A newer entry into the free ping tool category is Pingoat. Pingoat operates a bit more quickly and seems to service more directories. It can be found at


There are a variety of specific tactics one can use to create links to their blogs. Many of those strategies are outlined in this ebook. However, despite the power of articles, sigging and other strategies, one must still consider some of the traditional means by which they can acquire links.

Links are half of the traffic battle. By taking advantage of some tried and true link building strategies, you can really help your cause.
This is one of the original free link-building techniques. You find a site that compliments your own in terms of content and you then send the webmaster or blogger an email inquiring about trading links.
The upside is that it is completely free and can create an opportunity for cooperative and interesting interaction with someone who shares your interest.
The downside is that the success rate is pretty low. Some people will even recommend avoiding this tactic altogether, because you are likely to be ignored more often than a trade occurs.
Trades can be tough because no one likes the idea of linking to a potential competition. Additionally, if you are operating a fledgling blog, you probably have far less to offer your trading partner than they have to offer you. There are also legitimate concerns about honesty in link trading. Many people have been known to agree to link trades only to never put up the reciprocal link or to keep it there only until you have verified its presence.

In some circumstances, however, a link trade can be a good decision. If you find a site that seems like a natural companion to your blog, it is worth floating an offer.
There are many sites that will accept and list links without any obligation or only with the requirement of a link back to them. These sites can be a great way to building your backlink totals. Note that this strategy is not particularly different than the link exchanges noted above. However, these processes tend to be automated and are generally more reliable. Nonetheless, one must be aware of the possibility of getting a raw deal.
Screen these options carefully, however. There is little value in a link from a disjointed “free for all” site. Additionally, your blog could be penalized if you reciprocate with a link to a bad neighborhood. Instead, stick to sites that are related to your own and that are of a high enough quality that you won’t feel guilty sending your blog’s visitors there.
You can find sites that offer this opportunity by doing a Google search involving your keyword(s) and phrases such as “add a link,” “add your link,” or “add URL.”
Clearly, you want to amass as many links as possible. However, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you are compelled to offer thousands of backlinks from your blog. First, the design of most blogs is ill-suited for this.
Second, there are concerns about the number of outbound links on your site and how a search engine might perceive them. Finally, there are those will argue that if you have too many outbound leaks, your site could become too “leaky,” leading to visitors wandering from your blog to someone else‘s site.

how can your blog be discovered?

All it requires for a search engine to find you is a link to your blog on another site. Eventually, the search engines will spider that link and discover the blog. You can increase the likelihood of being found quickly by getting multiple links for your site out there and by trying to get links that are likely to be spidered quickly.
Large, popular sites are frequently spidered and a link on a site of this sort can lead to your blog’s inclusion in the search engines relatively quickly. A link from a frequently indexed site could lead to your blog’s discovery within as little as a day.
Any of the link-building strategies mentioned in this ebook can be used to lead the search engine to your blog. Things like link trades, sigging, articles and directory listings can do the trick.
Remember, building these links not only encourages necessary indexing, it also serves as a way of improving long-term traffic, as every link can be helpful.

Right now, the search engine field is dominated by three players: Google, MSN and Yahoo. These are the three search engines that matter and care must be taken to make sure all three index your blog. There are, however, other search engines out there. Some are rarely used relics that have managed to hold onto a small chunk of cyberspace. Others are paid-for-inclusion engines that are little more than ways to separate a blog owner from his or her money.
None of these smaller search engines will produce a great deal of traffic. However, it is often very easy to submit to the free search engines. Additionally, there is some information to suggest that inclusion on a lesser engine may lead to inclusion on a bigger one. There is very little harm in direct submission to smaller search engines. It is unlikely to be a huge manufacturer of traffic, but it takes so little time that you may want to consider it. Just use one of the popular search engines to search for other search engines. Then, visit a few of these places and look into submitting your site.

The tactics mentioned above apply to websites of any sort. As a blogger, you can make use of them. However, the growth of blogging has led to the creation of blog-only search engines. You would be remiss if you did not submit your blog to these engines.
A simple Google search for the phrase “blog search engine” will yield many additional opportunities to get your blog noticed. Realize that often the terms “blog search engine” and “blog directory” are used almost interchangeably and can overlap a great deal. Information about many blog directories that also have search functions is included in the “Directories” portion of this ebook.
There is at least one blog search engines that warrant additional discussion--Technorati, which can be found at Technorati is a widely used blog search engine. Getting your blog listed at Technorati can increase your traffic more than most other blog search engines. Technorati also supports a tagging function whereby you can “tag” your posts with descriptive keywords making them easier for other Technorati users to find.
There is some debate over the value of Technorati in terms of traffic and with respect to some customer service issues the site apparently experiences. However, serious bloggers would be remiss if they did not take a long look at Technorati and consider making it part of their traffic creation arsenal.
There are other services offering a tagging function that seem to be developing an avid following and may be worth investigation. These include FURL and


Usability, as it relates to online endeavors, can involve everything from site structure to color choices. With respect to written content, we will primarily be concerned with constructing posts that comport with readers’ preferences and expectations for written materials.
Internet readers tend be “scanners.” They generally scan a page or post and then make a determination as to whether or not to invest more time and effort in reading the material carefully. If their scan does not provide them with something to grab their attention and interest, they are more likely to click away than they are to continue reading.
Thus, content should be offered in a way that is easy for users to scan. It should also be provided in a way that encourages online reading. What does this mean in terms of practical considerations?
One should offer text in a size that is easily read. They should also offer content in the form of shorter paragraphs and make use of “white space” to make scanning easier. Long paragraphs are not as well-received as shorter ones.
The choice of a font should be based on readability rather than on whether or not one feels it possesses some greater aesthetic value.
Content usability is important and any blogger truly interested in maximizing the comfort and value of the user’s experience. That attention to detail can increase repeat visitation and total page views.

should have good KEYWORDS & CONTENT to rank rapidly

Search engines operate on keywords. Put simply, keywords are the words for which people are searching. By making sure you use these keywords in your content, you are more likely to be discovered.
Thus, you can produce some pretty remarkable traffic jumps by using the keyword phrases people are typing into Google. This is obvious, but it does bring up a few interesting questions.
How do I find which keywords are popular for searches in my niche? There are a variety of free online tools available to help with keyword research. Earlier, we mentioned Nichebot, which does an admirable job of showing what phrases and keywords are in “high demand.” A quick Google search for “keyword finder” and other similar phrases should provide you with some other options. There are paid services, like WordTracker, that also assist in keyword research, but free options remain available.
How should I use the keywords once I have found them? This is a subject of some debate. The question about how many times keywords should appear in order to trigger a positive response from search engines is a constant topic of argument in the search engine optimization field. Some will argue that a keyword should be used enough to comprise 3-5% of the total text in any post.
Others will argue that a higher density is necessary. Some will maintain that keyword density is not as important as producing content that contains the keyword and related relevant terms.
There are a few ways of making sure your content does its job when it comes to keywords. One is to carefully monitor your use and to write posts around popular keywords related to your topic. Another is simply to focus on turning out good, relevant content and assuming the volume of your output and its overall quality will produce desired keyword results. Generally speaking, the best strategy for most bloggers probably lies somewhere in the middle of those extremes. By producing content with an understanding of keywords while not compromising its integrity in an effort to stuff every post with popular search terms, one can usually be relatively successful.
One should strive to make use of their primary keywords in the titles of their blog’s posts. They should also attempt to use those words and phrases, along with keywords of secondary importance within the posts themselves. There are free keyword analyzers available online that will give you breakdowns of keyword density for your posts. It makes sense to check your work against these at least occasionally to make sure your content is working its hardest to get you that coveted search engine traffic.
One should beware of overusing keywords. Search engines grow smarter all the time, and the days when one could get real results by stuffing keywords onto a page without rhyme or reason are gone. Remember that the search engine algorithms are designed to reward sites that are using keywords in a valuable context. They are able to discern that an endless stream of keywords is probably nothing more than an effort to fool their robots.

update your site content to still achieve your goal


People like new information. If they are interested in your topic, they want to see more information about it as often as possible. Search engines mimic people in that regard. They absolutely adore frequently updated sites. They reward blogs that provide frequent updates with better locations in search results. Providing regular content is one of the best ways to appeal both to your human readers and the search engine robots that will lead even more real people to your blog.

There is no magic number of posts per week you must add to your blog. However, the general rule of thumb is that more is better. Some bloggers will update their blog several times per day. Others will provide one weekly update.
Finding the right patterns will be a byproduct of experimentation, combined with your own personal time limitations and interest levels. I personally recommend updating a blog at least a few times per week. If you can update more frequently, do so. However, make sure these updates offer something of value. Writing for the sake of writing may help with respect to fooling search engine spiders, but it will undoubtedly antagonize real readers so much as to render the strategy useless.
Those who make a living online will tell you that “content is king.” Content is what brings people to any site. It is what keeps them there, too. It is also the favorite discover of every search engine spider. The more content you have, the better off you are going to be.
Some niches may be so underserved that a blog can continue to successfully generate traffic with infrequent updates. However, more competitive fields will require more and more content to stay afloat.
Updates can vary in length. Generally speaking, however, extremely short posts will have less value (both to the search engines and readers) than more involved writing. However, the desire to provide more lengthy and meaningful posts will need to be balanced against usability considerations, which we will discuss later. Many will argue that content additions that “weigh in” between 250-600 words are optimal.


There are many things you can do to produce content that really have no direct relationship to the quality of your blog, and you should consider pursuing them. However, nothing will turn a blog into a success like high quality content.
Good content creates a readership. Those repeat visitors can be the lifeblood of a successful blog. Additionally, other people who operate blogs notice good content and web sites and they will often link back to your quality posts. This creates a direct traffic stream from those links, as well as adding to your total cache of backlinks, which can help in search engine results.

People will come back to a site they know provides grade-A information or that touches them in some way. Humor sites that are not funny do not get repeat visitors. Sites about technological advances that contain inaccuracies do not develop a readership. Blogs that are littered with grammatical and spelling errors seldom generate massive traffic.
Effective writing is key to a successful blog. It is beyond the scope of this ebook to outline what makes a writer entertaining or informative. Most of us, fortunately, have an idea of what separates the good from the bad. Writing effectively may take more time and effort than simply spewing forth a few posts to your blog, but the end result is worth the extra energy.
In addition to writing well, you should strive to produce unique content that will distinguish your blog from others. This includes choosing topics that are interesting, opinions that are compelling, and doing whatever else is necessary to capture and hold a reader’s interest. You need to give people a reason to choose your blog over others in the same field. You must provide them with something they cannot get elsewhere.
This raises the subject of re-blogging. Re-blogging occurs when a blogger provides a synopsis of what someone else has written (perhaps even with an excerpt) and then adds a small amount of personal commentary. Re-blogging can be effective in two circumstances. If your blog is operating primarily as a news aggregator and a means of providing readers with an edited compendium of potential items of interest, it is a natural fit. Second, if your commentary somehow illuminates or provides an interesting twist to the original content it can also be effective. Too often, however, reblogging is nothing more than repetition of what could be found elsewhere and fails to impress readers.
Instead of relying upon re-blogging, a successful blogger will generally try to stay on top of his or her chosen field and will become the initial source of exciting information and opinion. It is fine to share the remarkable work of others--making sure that information gets out to everyone is one of the great things you can do with a blog--but it is even better if you can make yourself into a primary source of quality, unique content.


What produces traffic? What is it about some websites that makes them popular destinations for a huge number of visitors? Why are some blogs checked out by tens of thousands of people every day while others struggle to find a single visitor? The issue of traffic can be complicated. There are a variety of factors at play, and every strategy can be dissected and the details debated ad infinitum.
However, there are two keys to traffic upon which everyone can agree: Content and Links.
Before briefly looking at each of these, we should establish some context for our evaluation. Traffic can come from a few different places. Direct links to your site may produce a stream of visitors if those links are in the right places. Search engines, however, offer the real key to high volume traffic numbers. Surfers rely on Google, Yahoo and MSN to help them find the sites that will provide them with the kind of information they are seeking. If your blog comes up early in those search engine results, you can expect a significant stream of traffic.
Content is essential to traffic flow.
You have to offer something that makes your site worth visiting. Content creates repeat visitors, increases their stay, encourages word-of-mouth type promotion and assists in improving a blog’s standing with the search engines.
Every link can conceivably serve a traffic producer. If someone finds a link to your blog on another site, they are only one mouse-click away from being part of your traffic. Search engines also assess the number and quality of links to your blog. They regard sites that are linked to frequently as authoritative and reward them with higher placement in search engine results.
So, if you want traffic to your blog, you need to do two things: Provide content and acquire links. This ebook is designed to show you some great ways of doing both. The end result should be higher traffic numbers for your blog.

How to make your site friendly to search engines

Give visitors the information they're looking for
Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

Make sure that other sites link to yours
Links help our crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results. When returning results for a search, Google combines PageRank (our view of a page's importance) with sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search. Google counts the number of votes a page receives as part of its PageRank assessment, interpreting a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important."

Keep in mind that our algorithms can distinguish natural links from unnatural links. Natural links to your site develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors. Unnatural links to your site are placed there specifically to make your site look more popular to search engines. Some of these types of links (such as link schemes and doorway pages) are covered in our webmaster guidelines.

Only natural links are useful for the indexing and ranking of your site.

Make your site easily accessible
Build your site with a logical link structure. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Use a text browser, such as Lynx, to examine your site. Most spiders see your site much as Lynx would. If features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Macromedia Flash keep you from seeing your entire site in a text browser, then spiders may have trouble crawling it.

Things to avoid

Don't fill your page with lists of keywords, attempt to "cloak" pages, or put up "crawler only" pages. If your site contains pages, links, or text that you don't intend visitors to see, Google considers those links and pages deceptive and may ignore your site.

Don't feel obligated to purchase a search engine optimization service. Some companies claim to "guarantee" high ranking for your site in Google's search results. While legitimate consulting firms can improve your site's flow and content, others employ deceptive tactics in an attempt to fool search engines. Be careful; if your domain is affiliated with one of these deceptive services, it could be banned from our index.

Don't use images to display important names, content, or links. Our crawler doesn't recognize text contained in graphics. Use ALT attributes if the main content and keywords on your page can't be formatted in regular HTML.

Don't create multiple copies of a page under different URLs. Many sites offer text-only or printer-friendly versions of pages that contain the same content as the corresponding graphic-rich pages. To ensure that your preferred page is included in our search results, you'll need to block duplicates from our spiders using a robots.txt file. For information about using a robots.txt file

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why You Should Be Trying To Get As Many Links As Humanly Possible!

Why You Should Be Trying To Get As Many Links As Humanly Possible!

Links are the lifeline to your business. Just as you need water, your website
needs links to flourish.

Otherwise, it’s never going to get flowing in traffic or keep the traffic going
once it’s established.

Why are links this important?

Well, there are numerous reasons. The biggest one is that they are a major
consideration in how your websites rank in the search engines (and under
what search phrases).

If you want any chance of getting large amounts of free search engine
traffic, then you need lots of links.

Although you can get some search engine traffic without many incoming
links, you’re never going to get ranked for highly-searched competitive

Together with what the links say (also known as “anchor text”) pointing to
your website accounts for about 99% of what determines how high you rank
in the search engines.

For example, if you have 2,000 quality links pointing to your site that say,
“Book Store”, then you’re going to be ranked highly for this term.

The remaining 1 % of getting top rankings is just having the proper design
search engines like, such as including the keyword “book store” at proper
places on the page.

In other words, what all this means to you is simple…

The People Who Are Always Going-After New Links Enjoy
Massive FREE Search Engine Traffic!

The key to search engine success is not complicated. It’s all about getting
links, links, and more links.

With that said, you should also keep in mind some links are worth more than

A popular site like,,, or any site that
already has lot’s of links pouring in are considered “worth more” than other
sites to search engines.

You can check a site’s status in the eyes of a search engine with Google’s
PR ranking displayed in their toolbar at:

The tool bar then displays a little green bar inside the tool bar that looks like

The page rank is then based on a scale from 0-10. With the most popular
sites being 10 and new sites being 0. A site can also be unranked. Unranked
sites are usually not found in Google.

As your site gains more links, then its PR is going to grow. And when this
happens, then your site gains loads of more free search engine traffic!

Additional Important Benefits of Incoming Links Are:

· Targeted traffic from visitors who stumble upon your links (which
means more sales),

· Search engine spiders who come index your pages into the search
engines (vital if you want to get your sites making money quick),

· More exposure to make your sites more well-known and

Simply put, accumulating links for your site should be a main priority of
yours. It’s the only way to gain the edge over your competitors to dominate
the search rankings.

On the other hand, by not getting enough links to your website, then you’re
leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that.

Additionally, getting new links can be incredibly easy. You don’t have to
spend countless hours building huge reciprocal link directories… or paying
insane amounts of money for a few links pointing to your site.

You can accumulate huge amounts of links with minimal effort using the
methods discussed in the pages that follow.

4 main blog software systems

1. - Free and does not take any technical expertise
to start. Some also think that Google prefers these blogs because they own

2. – Has far more functionality and features than But, it requires your own hosting and installation. Many
hosts allow you to use a 1-click installation and they will advertise this
feature on their sales page.

3. - Similar to, but your blog uses
the WordPress software and format.

4. - Another popular blog software. It’s similar to, except has many more features and charges a monthly fee.

Search engines love blogs because they’re in a structure that’s easy for them
to devour. All of the information to help the blogs classify your web pages
is all there.

Links from comments you make in other people’s blogs

Links from comments you make in other people’s blogs.

A great way to get links is to participate in other people’s blogs (leaving
your website link after you comment). You should especially look to post in
blogs with high google PR rankings.

Inside you might comment on:

· How much you like a post
· Any questions you have about the topic
· Or any tips you have about the topic

Then, leave your website with (anchor text) after your name.

An example post might be:


Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!

Your Name


Be sure to personalize your comments to each blog post.

The worst thing you can do would be to simply to leave an ad. This is
because many of your comments may not be approved or will be quickly

Your goal should be to write posts that get your links to stay-up long enough
for the search engines to find them.

To help automate the submission process to blogs, there’s a new software
that has been developed called, “Instant Blog Links.” This tool uncovers
hundreds of blogs in your market, finds the best ones to submit to, and
allows you to quickly and easily submit quality comments for traffic and

This means you can get a virtually unlimited source of one-way links
pointing to your website with this technique. You can learn more at:

Webs Directories, FFAs, and classified ad sites.

Webs Directories, FFAs, and classified ad sites.

On the internet, there are 2 main ways people find you if they don’t know
you. The biggest one is search engines. But, the other one is directories.

There are a variety of directories, including:

· General ones, such as or
· Free For All Boards (where anybody can posts links)
· Classified sites

To find directories just do a search on Google for phrases like, “Add link”,
“Suggest link” and other variations or simply “directories”.

Directories vary in how much traffic they produce, depending on the
popularity. But, many of them offer high-quality links and the big ones can
produce significant amounts of traffic.

To automate submissions (and get a large list of high-quality submission
sites), we’ve developed an automatic submission software called “Submit
Equalizer”. Learn more at: (Also, keep in mind, this tool is given
away as a free bonus to Press Equalizer at:

Links from using the “Blog and Ping” technique.

Links from using the “Blog and Ping” technique.

When this technique was first discovered, it allowed for pages to get indexed
into the search engines in as little as a few hours to a few days.

Then, everybody started using it and the effectiveness has slightly decreased.
The good news is that although it’s on the higher end today (2-3 days), it
still works wonders!

This technique is mainly for getting your pages into the search engines as
quickly as possible so you can start making money from them fast.

It works in 4 easy steps:

1. Build a search engine "spider trap" by creating a free blog on (they can't resist freshly updated content).

2. Grab a free account at and

3. Post links to the Web pages you want spidered inside your blog.

4. Then, just call the search engine spiders to dinner by sending (or
"pinging”) the blog to your MyYahoo and MSN accounts.

You do this by using a ping command:
inside your web browser.

Be sure to also use the “Add RSS” feed link inside your MyYahoo and MSN

That should take you about 15 minutes of work to get any Web page you
want visited by the search engines and indexed in only about 2-3 days.

But, as you can see there’s a major problem with this technique if you’ve got
more than a few websites. It takes forever!

For this reason we invented Blogging Equalizer at: to automate this process. This tool is
great to get your pages into the search engines so you can start profiting
from them as fast as possible.

3. Links from social bookmarking sites using the “Tag and ping”

The latest way to get links from blogs is from popular social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are places where visitors categorize content using
“Tags” (or keywords). Some example sites include:


With blogs, you can encourage users to tag your sites with
plug-ins, such as:


Why Automating Your Backlink Generation Is Vital To Your Success!

Why Automating Your Backlink Generation Is Vital To Your Success!

Getting links is one thing. But, finding the time and energy to gather them is

You see, getting links to your website is often a time consuming and tedious
process. It sucks up your valuable time and leaves you feeling bleary-eyed
and groggy after you’re finished.

But, it’s a job that must be done. Because if you want your website to enjoy
massive success (with loads of free search engine traffic pouring-in), then
you can’t do without having as many links as possible!

This is why we’ve developed software for each of the different link
generation techniques we’ve talked about in this report.

Each one allows you to click a few buttons, hit submit, and save hours of
painstaking labor.

After all, how much is your time worth?

By automating your link generating process, then you’re able to get far more
links than you ever could on your own.

This means higher search engine rankings and more productive websites
(because more of your pages are found in the search engines).

Simply put, you owe it to yourself to put your business on autopilot.

You don’t have to hire another employee (who takes away from your
profits). Instead, you can let software take place of several employees!

Additionally, software allows you to get a massive amount of exposure you
could have never have gotten otherwise. Because you are able to reach a
much larger audience, than you could have ever done on your own.

Not too mention, having an arsenal of software to do your work protects the
most important benefit an online business provides… freedom!
You don’t want to be stuck to your desk all day long working. Let software
take care of everything for you.

With all of the software combined, you’re going to reach the throughout
your entire market. Together, they give you the edge over your competition
in the Search Engine rankings.

Go-ahead and see what each of the following software can do for your
business by visiting the links below.

Software To Produce Targeted Raw Link Traffic:

· – Submit your questions,
comments, and tips to forums with the click of a button!
· – Get your pages indexed fast
with the “Blog and Ping” technique.
· – (given as a bonus to Press
Equalizer) Enjoy a repeated massive amount of exposure whenever
you want by submitting to directories, classified sites, FFA’s, and
search engines.
· – Easily submit your comments,
questions, and tips to blog posts.
· – (given as a bonus to Forum
Equalizer) – Automatically submit your comments and links to
nearly a thousand of guest books around the web!

Software To Produce Targeted Content Link Traffic:

· – Submit your articles to
over 200 directories with virtually complete automated submission
· – Send your press releases
throughout the web into dozens of press newswires.
· – Attract top producing
affiliates by effortlessly submitting to dozens of top affiliate

Plus, you should also keep in mind, that all of these link generation
techniques should work to together:

None of these techniques should be thought of as the single “Miracle
solution” (although, alone, their results can often be amazing). But, you
should focus on using multiple techniques on a consistent basis.

This is how you generate massive amounts of links and traffic. Because
each time you use one of the techniques, your links continue to grow, until
your site is flooded with incoming links.

And, remember, links (and what they say) are the single most important part
of getting ranked high in the search engines.

So, when you repeat these techniques together, then you can’t help, but
dominate the search engines.

So, what are you waiting for? Quick and easy new backlinks to rise in the
search engines are waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Search Engine Basics 1

Search Engine Basics 1

A seek engine is one of the a lot of important apparatus that helps you acquisition advice on the web. Seek engines are behemothic sized automatic allocation & retrieval systems. They about acquire ample databases of web pages & added advice begin on the net. Upon specific concern by the users these databases are scanned & the analogous after-effects displayed.

The account of seek engines in web seek lies in the actuality that they are the repositories of ample amounts of advice which can be searched actual calmly appliance assertive keywords. This accustomed accent analytic & abounding avant-garde appearance now accessible with seek engines makes the compound tantalizingly attractive. Hence it is no admiration that 78% of the users alpha their seek action for any advice via a seek engine.

Before we go any added lets analyze the aberration amid a seek engine & a web directory. Seek engines as we acquire learnt are automatic software based systems which aid the web search. Directories are about animal based indexes in which the web sites are visited & catalogued by animal beings. In the directories the web sites are included in the categories & sub categories . These categories or taxonomies are specific to specific directories.

Users can seek for accordant sites in a agenda by either mining on the accountable they are analytic for or analytic through keywords. The a lot of acclaimed bartering agenda is Yahoo. There are hundreds of directories available. We will be discussing them later. A point to agenda actuality is that a lot of of the SE acquire now started to mix their web after-effects with some affectionate of agenda results.

Though there is a class of SE which are not crawler based. They acquire money to account your web site. These paid listings seek engines will be dealt in greater detail in consecutive section.

For the moment, lets attending at seek engine internals a little added closely:

What goes into authoritative a seek engine

To acquire a birds eye appearance of seek engine functionality will advice the searcher appraise the about seek engine claim amidst themselves as aswell compared with added seek resources.

Search engines as we apperceive them, to put simply, are disconnected into three parts:



Search software

Lets yield them one by one.

Search Engine Crawler: A acceptable database is busy appliance accepted abstracts access methods. Not so on the web. Seek engines forward a software alleged spider or crawler to the agrarian web. This spider will appointment a web website already it hears of it (through added links pointing to the web site, allocation in some agenda or absolute acquiescence to the SE) & will alpha to clamber around. Based on links in the website it will abstract as abundant advice as it has been programmed to acquire about the web site. Thus crawlers are seek engines inventory(index) suppliers.

Search Engine Index: Base or the archive is that huge book which contains a archetype of all the web pages that acquire been spidered. This in added words is the database of the seek engine. Already the website has been crawled it is added to the base of the seek engine. This database is active & adapted as per the settings done by specific seek engines on a approved basis.

Search Engine Baronial Software: This is the booze which is mostly active in altered crawler based seek engines confined altered platters on getting queried about the aforementioned recipe. In added words, this is the breadth area a lot of of the seek engines alter in the way they handle queries & affectation results. This allocation of the SE deals with scanning the database (index) according to specific user queries & again baronial the matches found.

This brings us to the array begin in seek engines.

Types of seek engines:

Search engines appear in assorted flavors. There is as abundant array in seek engines as one wants. From a searchers bend it makes faculty to acquire a handle on the above seek engines in assorted categories as one important aspect of accomplishing a acceptable seek is to be acquainted of specific accoutrement to be activated in defined conditions. To illustrate, a acceptable medical seek could be done appliance as compared to say

Broadly the categories that the above seek engine could be disconnected into are:

General seek engines

Specialty seek engines

Meta seek engines

Paid seek engines

Search utilities

All of these seek engines acquire a specific account & specific application. Lets yield some examples to demonstrate.

The about eponymous Accepted seek engine is google.

In specialty seek engines we acquire seek engines distinctively for multimedia, medicine, blogs, law, industry ,scientific papers...

The meta seek engines are which use two or three added accepted seek engines to accomplish after-effects & again adapt the architecture in which they are presented. Some prime examples are,, etc.

This class of seek engines are absolutely growing as a category. Starting with they appear in assorted varieties as well. While some acquire paid inclusions like inktomi to PPC( pay per click) engines like overture, espotting etc.

Search utilities are specialized accoutrement activated for appropriate applications. One archetype of such account is lexibot which scavenges the abysmal web for information.

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Search Engine Marketing Products Reviewed

Search Engine Marketing Products Reviewed

Most books and software anytime awash online have—in one anatomy or another—something to do with Seek Engine Optimization. Why is this such a approved afterwards service? Because... accepting a acceptable atom on above seek engines can be the aberration amid $0 in accumulation per day against $500 to $150,000 in profits per day (depending on the artefact you are promoting). Now there are abounding books and programs out there... and assurance me, I've approved about all of them. Here are my claimed recommendations:

#1 - The SEO Elite Software is by far the best of the best in software out there. It is a bit cher to alpha off with, but it will actually save you bags of dollars in promotions. The advantage you accept is that you can actualize burning back-links to your website whenever you accept to, and on added sites again you could anytime dream of. To accept admission to accoutrement with a 1/4 of these abilities you would pay about $239 a year about else. In short... you get added than you pay for. I'd bulk it 10/10

#2 - Seek Engine Optimization is addition great, abundant tool. The bulk is a atom of what you would pay on the antecedent software, but you are aswell added bound as to what you can or cannot do with this system. Still a cool program, but remember: You Get What You Pay For.

#3 - Links Master is a affairs altered from the antecedent two in the faculty that you get anyone abroad to bang your argument ads out assimilate hundreds of sites. Problem? You accept bound ascendancy over the affectionate of sites and the bulk of sites bond to your site. Again... a abundant service, but it does tend to go harder on the wallet of those starting out.

Believe it or not—there is no abstruse to accepting your website listed #1 on above seek engines. You apprehend that right! Seek Engine Business is consistently announced of as admitting it is harder to do. And accepting a #1 atom on Google, well, that is just apparent impossible. If done right, YOU can prove all those assumptions wrong.

Using software #1 it is simple and fast as lightning to get top baronial on above seek engines and, as ahead stated, it takes actual little accomplishment on your part. Go to the site, apprehend the testimonials—and if you are austere about accepting that #1 spot... I assurance you will acquirement the software. The SEO software is to the online banker today as a apparatus gun would accept been to a warrior in medieval times: It actually assault all Seek Engine Business competitors to pieces!

Search engines can be an able adjustment of active awful targeted visitors to a web site. Our seek engine business page provides admission to the aggregate acumen of all the top seek engine business experts with consistently adapted articles, links to resources, and announcements of new accoutrement and casework accessible to the seek engine business industry.

Do you wish your website to rank #1 on Google?

Then use the #1 Seek Engine Business tool, which is currently getting acclimated by bags of seek engine marketers about the world. Gain YOUR #1 atom on Google, Yahoo, and MSN in almanac time!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Review of Cyberfetch Automated Search Engine Submitter

Review of Cyberfetch Automated Search Engine Submitter

Every already in awhile if I acquirement a section of business software or an ebook I am abundantly surprised. This is the case with Larry Stern's Cyberfetch Seek Engine Submitter. The software will abide your website to 1223 USA based seek engines, bulletin boards and ffa sites, 315 such Canadian sites, and 473 European directories, and bulletin boards. You can aswell acquirement databases for Asia as well.

I apperceive a lot of humans do not accept in announcement to ffa pages or bulletin boards because the ads are rotated off rather quickly. They say that cipher in fact sees these posts. Able-bodied they are about right. There is one being who looks at these pages and that is the buyer of the page. And who is the owner? He is an internet marketer. He is absorbed in accepting cartage to his website. So if you accept a artefact that interests such a being this is actual bargain able advertising. I apperceive because I own an ffa arrangement with over 15,000 members. It is my amount one money maker and has a appreciative PR0 baronial from Google.

I purchased the Cyberfetch software with the USA, Canadian and European databases for beneath than $60. Larry takes a actual easily on access to his business. He alone contacts anybody who purchases the software and manually gives them the alleviate cipher and database download advice so it ability yield a day. To his acclaim he responded to all my emails quickly.

I set up my attack for one website with a tracking url. It is actual simple to use. A amateur can get this traveling appropriate away. I submitted my attack to all the seek engines. It is done in just one bang for anniversary database and runs in the accomplishments after demography up too abounding resources. You can abide absolute urls or campaigns and you can use the software every day if you wish. There are no alternating charges. It is a one time fee that is it. Aswell Larry updates the database and you get two years of updates with your purchase. This is actual important back the sites can appear and go. It is abundant that he keeps up with it. This is actual time arresting plan that you do not accept to accord with.

Ok the results. Within 24 hours I had 34 clicks on my link. I accede this to be excellent. Keep in apperception this is a seek engine submitter. A lot of of the time you accept to delay weeks for the hotlink to get indexed if they do it at all. Also, abounding of the sites the Cyberfetch software submits to are not boards area ads circle off appropriate away. So my hotlink is accepting indexed all over the net. This is acceptable for my SEO and aswell for approaching traffic. But I got IMMEDIATE absolute cartage with this software. I accept this represents accomplished amount because that I can use this every day with adapted databases for two years for a baby one time fee. I awful acclaim the Cyberfetch Seek Engine Submitter.

There are added accomplished pieces of software which are even bigger than Cyberfetch. The Rolls Royce of SEO software is the Arelis Software from Axandra. However, it is abundant added complicated to use. You absolutely accept to abstraction this software. Plus it is in a altered amount ranges. The Axandra software costs about $200. Also, the Axandra software does not sumbit to ffa pages and messsage boards. With Cyberfetch you absolutely are sending out your ads to ten of bags of pages. Axandra takes a added continued appellation appearance and tries to get you listed assuredly in the above seek engines and directories while Cyberfectch is a section of software which blasts your ads out to masses of beneath important pages.

The software which a lot of carefully competes with Arelis is SEO Elite. I accept purchased both pieces of software and they are both accomplished and actual similar. I accept to say that Arelis out classes SEO elite. It is artlessly a admirable section of software. It creates templates for your hotlink exchanges pages from just scanning a webpage of your choice. It again creates admirable hotlink direcotories for hotlink exchanges.

Bottom band Cyberfetch and Arelis accept altered niches so they are not mutually exclusive. However, SEO aristocratic duplicates Arelis actual carefully and my best amid again two would be Arelis.

Get Top Google Ranking Websites | Organic Search Engine Traffic

Get Top Google Ranking Websites | Organic Search Engine Traffic

Every internet banker knows that to actualize the a lot of cartage abeyant and the a lot of accumulation opportunities, you have to get your website to the aboriginal page of the Google Seek engine. Google is the "top dog" of seek engine and can abundantly access you profits if you apperceive what to do. The absolute catechism remains. How do you get top Google baronial websites?

The added seek engine affable your web pages are, the bigger your affairs of ascent to the top of the seek engines. A appropriately optimized and seek engine affable web page can calmly appearance up on the aboriginal page of a lot of any seek engine. This is alleged amoebic seek engine traffic. But how do you accomplish your web pages seek engine friendly?

In adjustment to get top Google baronial websites, what you charge is a plan for seek engine optimization, or SEO. Proper seek engine enhancement will aftereffect in amoebic seek engine cartage for your website. Amoebic seek engine cartage is what you wish because it's commercial for your website that doesn't amount you a penny! One of the easiest means to get amoebic seek engine cartage is with a acceptable section of website breeding software.

If you can affairs in assorted computer languages, you apparently don't charge website breeding software. But, for the blow of us, website breeding software can cut both the acquirements ambit and the annoyance akin associated with architecture websites for internet marketing. So how do you cut through the advertising and acquisition a acceptable affairs that will accomplish a appropriately optimized website?

A acceptable website breeding software affairs should accommodated the afterward criteria. It should be simple to use. It should accredit you to be indexed in all the above seek engines. It should appropriately optimize your web pages for MSN, Yahoo and Google. It should acquiesce you to get on the aboriginal or additional page of a lot of of the seek engines aural 30 canicule or less. It should acquiesce you to analysis and abuse your webpages in adjustment to get optimal results. A absolutely abundant software affairs will aswell acquiesce you to see what your antagonism is accomplishing and let you dispense your web pages in adjustment to get advanced of them.

There are abounding acceptable website breeding software programs on the bazaar and abounding of them plan able-bodied abundant to get top baronial Google websites. Consistency and testing are the keys to authoritative the a lot of of your website breeding software programs. Never be abashed to analysis your theories, you ability just appear beyond the next big affair in internet marketing!

Making The Best Use Of Search Engine Optimizing Software

Making The Best Use Of Search Engine Optimizing Software

If you own an online business, you apperceive the accent and advantage to be apparent on seek engines like google, yahoo, MSN and lycos. Today, seek engines accomplish a lot of of the cartage (Customers) that will appear to your website and buy your services, software articles or e-materials. No amount what the attributes of the business is, you allegation to absorb money on optimizing and advancing your web website for the appointment of spiders. Spiders are the robots that basis your website to the database of the seek engine.

Why absorb bags of dollars on seek engine optimization, if you can do it yourself? Yes it is true. By application technology and some acceptable reading, you can accession your website to the top a lot of baronial in the amount of days. The amount is nominal and will not go aloft $150. Seek engine optimizing software will not alone save you money but it will aswell acquiesce you to do things the simple way through the assorted wizards. Almost all the plan for you is done by the software acceptance you to absorb time with the website itself.

One such software is Web Position Gold. With appearance like automated submitter, letters and cartage analysis, it is a gem of a software affairs for any austere business buyer or web master.

Let us yield a abutting attending at some of its features. The a lot of important affection of this software is the Submitter. It is a absolute time saver. You just baddest the web pages or files, and seek engines you wish to abide and it does all the appointment while you do something else. It even keeps clue of aggregate to accomplish abiding you don't amount the seek engines and that all the pages are submitted.

The seek engine baronial anchorman is addition affection you will love. Running letters application bags of keywords at a time is no problem. Keywords are actual important in the seek engine industry. These words are acclimated by your visitors to ability your site. So it is important to run accepted letters on what words are best for your business and this software does it for you. It aswell includes a accessible affection area you can spy on your competitors.

With all the aloft appearance the software still offers more. The Page Critic food expert, custom-tailored admonition on how to optimize anniversary of your new or absolute web pages. Page Generator creates optimized web pages based on keywords and data you access about your business. Upload Manager remembers all the optimized Web pages you created, changed, or added. Scheduler activates the Anchorman daily, weekly, or account to automatically analysis your web site's rankings. Add an accomplished and able chump affliction aggregation that answers e mails aural hours and provides a assessment chargeless amount web position gold is a austere claim for any business that is austere about its online presence.

We apperceive that a web website cannot accomplish after able seek engine optimization. However, an able will allegation a lot of money and apprentice about your business afore he starts work. Seek engine optimizing software gives you the befalling to do that plan at a atom of the cost. Not alone is the amount agency important, but you are the best adjudicator of your aggregation appropriately you can use that ability to break on top with all the repetitive plan done by the enhancement software.

Mark a Difference With Search Engine Optimization in your Business

Mark a Difference With Search Engine Optimization in your Business

Search engine enhancement is apparently the best way to enhance the amount of visitors to one's accurate site. Every Internet user searches for any array of advice and abstracts through the use of abundant seek engines. The absolute abstraction of seo has an cold of acceptance the website to be optimized on a greater extent, so that all the activity seek engines can calmly atom it after any accident of time. Hence, promulgating your website by the use of accepted seek engines is the a lot of acceptable way. If authentic in accepted words, it is an abstraction to defended the accomplished position for your website on all the above seek engines. Do no overlook that a acceptable seek engine position is anon proportional to success of plan with accomplished profits.

After accepting an abstraction about what absolutely seek engine enhancement is, it is appropriately important to apperceive about its apparatus and the absolute way to administer it. Aboriginal and the foremost affair to be mentioned about SEO is that it has to be simple and easy. As you are already acquainted of the actuality that every individual page of your website is an important assemblage and have to be accustomed absolute application to annex the best after-effects with the seek engine optimization. Any web website can advance its cachet with a acceptable seo. It enables you to accomplish adapted amendments in your web website such as added cogent section of advice with accent keywords, so that seek engines can calmly acknowledge to them. In the contempo years, the abstraction has been avant-garde and bigger with the agog use of technologies including appearance of latest programs.

The business organizations and firms depending anon on the Internet are alluringly benefited by the immense use of seo. Even the added groups that bulwark on the websites for their commercial purposes, assets a lot of accumulation from its adapted use. Seek engine enhancement and its able adjustment invites a alternation of astonishing opportunities to advance the activity of your aggregation with greater faculty of advice that is aggregate by endless amount of people. In a actual abbreviate time, you will accept the outstanding website cartage bringing in the best anytime responses.

Search engine enhancement is about analogue with huge acceptance and greater profits. It is all about designing your website with an aim of acceptable the rankings of the seek engines for the website of your organization, so that every seek engine displays your website on the aboriginal amount whenever anytime searched for. The getting who is searching for any affectionate of advice that is accompanying to your business and plan will acquisition it after any altercation if you get to plan your website with basal requirements of its positioning. A absolute agreement of absolute designing, aces agreeable and simple admission with accordant angle stands for the abundant seek engine optimization. The agreeable provided have to accommodate all the basal keywords, with able headings and sub headings, simple accent and should be thoroughly informative, so that the aggregation leaves the page with a annoyed answer. is arresting with authoritative the new contours that are consistently extending. The software outsourcing India has been declared as the a lot of affluent action in today's apple of business organization. There are several affidavit for this booming acceptance of the outsourcing casework of India. Right from the accomplished workforce to the reasonable charges, aggregate calm makes India one of the arch Software outsourcing solutions. An Indian Software analyst is paid just one fifth as compared to one alive in the United States or Europe. The outsourcing casework awful appeal superior plan submitted aural the due schedule, and Indian companies accept this blueprint thoroughly. Another acumen that India is adored with is its able use of English language, which helps the professionals to plan for any allotment of the world. All this and abundant added let the Indian consultancies to acquire huge profits and appearance absolute accession in the application area for the same.

India has innumerable Centers for convening casework for software Outsourcing solutions. However, this bang act as a agitator for creating abundant antagonism that in about-face led to the change of administration for managing and delineating the absolute horizons. Though, this antagonism has aswell a absolute ancillary as it authority the allure of claiming that gives bearing to greater ability and advance in the acreage of software Outsourcing in India. Authoritative a actual best in acrimonious the software aggregation to do your plan primarily depends on the needs of your project. Selecting the accomplished close is consistently a bigger option, but if you wish to save on your pocket, you may argue a afresh accustomed accurate firm.

The advance of software outsourcing in India is so amazing that even the government is affected footfall in the arena. The government has appear up with abundant measures such as tax incentives are getting provided to the Software industry and the addition of Special Economic Zone, which are accurately advised with to accomplish all the requirements and account the simple agitation chargeless licensing casework to the software outsourcing aggregation of India to cut down the causeless coercion of abundant documents. The advance is commendable, arch a absolutely new way to the advance of the country with capricious access in the advantage of the jobs and superior work.

Search Engine Marketing - What Actually Works

Search Engine Marketing - What Actually Works

The most books and sofwares ever sold online had - in one form or another - something to do with Search Engine Optimization. Why is this such a sought after service? Because... getting a good spot on major search engines can be the difference between $0 profit per day versus $500 to $150000 in profits per day (depending on the product you are promoting). Now there is a lot of books and programs out there... and trust me I've tried almost all of them. Here are a few that I personally recommend.

#1 - SEO Elite Software is by far the best of the best softwares out there. It is a little pricy to start off with but it will litterly save you thousands of dollars in other promotions. The advantage you have here is that you can create instant backlinks to your site whenever you choose to and on more sites then you could ever dream of. To have access to tools with a 1/4 of these abilities you would pay about $239 a year somewhere else. In short... you get more then you pay for. I'd rate it: 10/10.
At first I was a little hesitant to chill out $167 for a piece of software but truth is, I got what I paid for. At least that was my experience with SEO Elite.
The up-to-date SEO Elite Software is a simple yet by far the best Search Engine Marketing software ever invented. It is a little pricey to start off with but don’t let the price fool you - it is well worth every penny.In the long run, SEO Elite will litterly save you thousands of dollars you would pay someone else to get your site optimized. The advantage you have here is that you can create instant backlinks to your website whenever you choose to and on more sites then you could ever dream of. The result? A stream of high quality traffic to your very own website everyday - for the rest of your life. I quickly realized that if I wanted to have access to tools that have less then half of these abilities, I would pay about $239 a year somewhere else.

#2 - Search Engine Optimization is another great great tool system. The price is a fraction of what you would pay on the previous software, but you are also more limited as to what you can or can not do with this system. Still a super program, but remember: You Get What You Pay for.
Costa Dedes Search Engine Optimization strategy book has been - to this day - a phenomenal search engine marketing product. The price is a fraction of what you would pay on many other (over priced) softwares, but you are also more limited as to what you can or can not do. Having said that though, the true value for Costa’s Search Engine Optimization product is $300 and my honest opinion is that Costa Dedes should do all of us serious marketers a huge favor and opt the price from $49.99 to at least $319. The last thing we want is for this information to get into every small search engine marketer’s hands. Truly a super MUST-HAVE program.

#3 - Links Master is a program different from the previous two in the sense that you get someone else to blast your text ads out on to hundreds of sites. Problem? You have limited control over the kind of sites and the amount of sites linking to your site. Again... a great service, but it does tend to go hard on the wallet of those starting out. Believe it or not - there is no secret ingredient to getting your site listed #1 on major search engines. You Read That Right. Search Engine Marketing is always spoken of as though it is hard to do and gaining a #1 spot on google, well that is just plain impossible. If done right, YOU can prove all those theories wrong.
Links Master has proved itself to be a phenomenal program. When I first signed up and started to exchange massive amounts of links with websites related to mine - I was totally blown away by the customer service the program owners provide. In my honest opinion - Links Master has been a tremendous asset for me in the past and I will continue using it. I remember one of my first sites - after promoting it with Links Master for a month or two, I had over 15000 websites linking back to me. Trust me, that is a good feeling to have. If you are looking to fast-track your search engine marketing success - you must give Links Master a try. Use it to your complete advantage and I assure you that you will NOT be disappointed.
Free Search Engine Marketing + Optimization
Using software #1 it is easy and fast as lightening to get top ranking on major search engines and as said, it takes very little effort on your part. Again... go to the site, read the testimonials and if you are serious about getting that #1 spot... I trust you will purchase the software. The SEO software is to the online marketer today as a machine gun would have been to a warrior in medieval times: It litterly blows all Search Engine Marketing competitors in to pieces!Search engines can be an effective method of driving highly targeted visitors to a web site. Our search engine marketing page provides access to the collective wisdom of all the top search engine marketing experts with regularly updated articles, links to resources, and announcements of new tools and services available to the search engine marketing industry.
Do You really want your site to rank #1 on google?
Then use the #1 Search Engine Marketing tool which is currently being used by thousands of search engine marketers around the world and gain YOUR #1 spot on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Whether it’s a accumulated blog, a news-type blog, or even a claimed blog, optimizing your blog for the seek engines is a must. There are some simple changes that you can accomplish to WordPress and Moveable Type that will accomplish your blog added seek engine affable and accomplish the seek engines beg for added (more column and content, that is!).

Optimizing a blog is just like optimizing any added website. The agreeable and pages (posts) accept to be unique, they accept to be seek engine friendly, and it needs links from added websites. If it’s a new blog, again you aboriginal charge to accomplish abiding the blog software you’re application is set up so that it takes advantage of all of the accessible enhancement features. Then, advertise it to the world, plan on accepting some links to it, and alpha authoritative posts.

WordPress Optimization

If you’re application WordPress for your blog software, it’s important to accomplish abiding that your website is seek engine friendly, acceptation that it can calmly be spidered by the seek engine spiders. Just like optimizing a website, it’s important to accept acceptable appellation tags and meta tags. Keep in apperception that blog software usually uses the appellation of your column as the appellation tag, so cover keywords in your titles as abundant as possible. It’s important to set up your blog’s software so that the URLs don’t accommodate a lot of variables. Instead, use URLs that cover the column appellation or column name in them. For example, if you’re application WordPress you’ll charge to set the permalinks so that it uses %postname% in the URL. You can aswell set up a specific class for the column archives, and you ability accede application a keyword that’s accompanying to your blog instead of the default, which is about the chat “archive”. Fintan Darragh of has a abundant blog column alleged “Ultimate WordPress SEO Tips” ( Mr. Darragh talks about permalink enhancement and says, “The goal: stick added keywords up into the URL and abolish the faff which cipher uses, to accomplish the URL seek engine and humans attractive. Accepting keywords in your URL is an complete must, abnormally if it’s as simple as WordPress makes it.” He aswell goes on to allocution about accepting rid of abortive tags like the month, day, and year, as able-bodied as one important detail: whatever you do stick with the website anatomy you choose—otherwise you ability end up with a lot of abortive links to your site. Added tips that Mr. Darragh mentions are optimizing your page titles and your column titles--and installing a few plugins that are advantageous such as the “Related Posts Plugin” and the “Technorati Tag Generator”.

There are several added places area you can get specific tips about ambience up WordPress in a seek engine affable manner, including: * SEO at Aleeya Dot Net -

* The Best WordPress SEO Accessible -

* Seek Engine Enhancement for WordPress -

* Seek Engine Enhancement for Blogs -

* DYI Seek Engine Enhancement - One of the best tutorials out there is one alleged “DYI Seek Engine Optimization” by Lorelle VanFossen. Specifically, Lorelle ( has some abundant tips, including how to optimize your code, advance able intrasite links, address with able keyword usage, use categories and tags, and how to use ping services. Lorelle says that “the ambition is to advice seek engine crawlers move through your website accession advice to be stored in the seek engine’s database. The key to your blog’s abstracts authoritative it auspiciously into a seek engine’s database is to: 1) Accomplish abiding there are no alley blocks in the aisle of a seek engine crawler.

2) Accomplish abiding the crawler can move through your blog, analytical all your web pages.

3) Accommodate able keywords and key phrases which acutely advice assort your content.

4) Accommodate acutely labeled tags and categories accustomed by tagging account crawlers and abounding seek engines today.

5) Yield advantage of pinging services.” There are several WordPress Plugins accessible that will advice you yield advantage of centralized bond (like the Accompanying Posts Plugin) which will hotlink to added posts in your blog that are on the aforementioned topic.

Other plugins that ability be accessible are plugins that automatically accomplish a Google Sitemap book as able-bodied as plugins that advice you assort the website such as the WordPress Subdomain Plugin (

Movable Type Optimization

If you’re application Movable Type for your blog software, again it’s aswell important to accomplish abiding that your website is seek engine affable and can be spidered by the seek engine spiders. Just like optimizing a website, it’s important to accept acceptable appellation tags and meta tags. Keep in apperception that blog software usually uses the appellation of your column as the appellation tag, so cover keywords in your titles as abundant as possible. Miles Evans ( TypeSEO.html) says that “Movable Type is optimized absolutely able-bodied out of the box, but there are a few quick tricks to calmly accouterment the spiders with some activating content.” He goes on to say that you charge to optimize your template. “For my capital home page and class base pages I hardcode a lot of of my meta data. Your meta tags will be at the top of the arrangement aural the tag. You can get adorned on your base pages but I cannot absolutely see why. Optimize these two templates by duke for whatever keywords you are targeting website wide.” Mr. Evans aswell has addition commodity titled, “Best Movable Type Plugins” ( TypePlugins.html) that talks about his admired plugins that advice him get abundant seek engine rankings. His admired Movable Type Plugins for SEO are Dashify, MTPaginate, MT Blogroll, MT InlineEditor, MT-Textile, BigPAPI, as able-bodied as Ajaxify (a set of plugins that adds several ajax/javascript widgets into the Movable Type interface), CheckLinks, FormatList v1.0, and Better Book Uploader for uploading files. Nicholas Carvan ( has a abundant commodity about Movable Type enhancement alleged “Optimizing your Movable Type blog for Google” ( Type_blog_for_google.html). In it he talks about PageRank (and how it relates to your centralized bond on your blog), accepting keywords in your URL (which is important for all blog optimization) and blogrolling. He defines the appellation blogrolling actual well, saying, “Blogrolling: Inbound links are gold, but in Google's eyes, not all links are equal. In particular, Google isn't agrarian about links independent aural JavaScript - allegedly they can base them, but that doesn't beggarly they consistently ambition to.”

Once you’ve set up and configured your blog’s software, it’s important to accomplish abiding that you leave it alone—if you change your page URLs again any links that you’ve accustomed from added bloggers may not be accurate anymore. If you charge to change your site’s anatomy (perhaps you’ve been blogging already and ambition to use the tips from this commodity to optimize your blog), again you ability ambition to yield a attending at the Objection Redirection WordPress Plugin( if you’re application WordPress. The Objection Redirection Plugin gives you a simple interface to alter users (and seek engine bots) to the able page, abnormally if you’ve afflicted your site’s structure.

Start Blogging

The best affair you can do is to alpha blogging. Go advanced and column to your heart’s agreeable and write, write, address about your topic. The added agreeable you can accommodate the better—and it seems as if abacus agreeable on a approved base absolutely helps, as well. Feel chargeless to hotlink out to added blog posts that are accompanying to the affair you’re autograph about. For example, afore you broadcast a post, go on over to your admired blog seek engine and acquisition addition contempo column on the aforementioned subject—and hotlink to the post. Bond out to added bloggers will get their attention, and hopefully they’ll end up bond to you as well. If added bloggers accept trackbacks angry on again their blog will hotlink aback to your post. Some trackbacks are moderated, so it ability yield some time afore your hotlink shows up on the added blog. And some bloggers accept trackbacks angry off, so a hotlink aback to your website ability yield some chiral intervention. Assort your posts as abundant as possible, and feel chargeless to add categories as you blog—it will advice the centralized bond anatomy of your site, and advice the seek engines and users acquisition on-topic posts.

Promoting Your Blog

Whenever you accomplish a column in your blog, your blog software will attack to ping assertive sites to let them apperceive that you just adapted your blog. There are abounding blog ping casework out there, including Ping-O-Matic and Pingoat. Your blog software can be configured to ping sites automatically, and I’ve acquaint a account for WordPress of ping casework on by blog ( If your blog is new or you would like to get some added links, you can abide your blog to blog directories as able-bodied as added sites that will account your blog (don’t overlook to abide to, Yahoo! Directory, and the Best of the Web Blog Directory). has a abundant commodity about announcement a blog ( and even Biz Stone has abundant tutorial about announcement your blog ( Lastly, don’t overlook to about-face on your blog’s RSS feed. And if you’re analytic to advance your RSS feed, try analytic your admired seek engine for “promote rss” to acquisition a lot of acceptable tutorials.

Promoting your blog is just like announcement a website—you charge acceptable spiderable content, links to your content, and you charge to set up your blog software to yield advantage of all the abundant features. There are aswell plugins that will advice accomplish blogging easier for all of us.