Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Automating Your Backlink Generation Is Vital To Your Success!

Why Automating Your Backlink Generation Is Vital To Your Success!

Getting links is one thing. But, finding the time and energy to gather them is

You see, getting links to your website is often a time consuming and tedious
process. It sucks up your valuable time and leaves you feeling bleary-eyed
and groggy after you’re finished.

But, it’s a job that must be done. Because if you want your website to enjoy
massive success (with loads of free search engine traffic pouring-in), then
you can’t do without having as many links as possible!

This is why we’ve developed software for each of the different link
generation techniques we’ve talked about in this report.

Each one allows you to click a few buttons, hit submit, and save hours of
painstaking labor.

After all, how much is your time worth?

By automating your link generating process, then you’re able to get far more
links than you ever could on your own.

This means higher search engine rankings and more productive websites
(because more of your pages are found in the search engines).

Simply put, you owe it to yourself to put your business on autopilot.

You don’t have to hire another employee (who takes away from your
profits). Instead, you can let software take place of several employees!

Additionally, software allows you to get a massive amount of exposure you
could have never have gotten otherwise. Because you are able to reach a
much larger audience, than you could have ever done on your own.

Not too mention, having an arsenal of software to do your work protects the
most important benefit an online business provides… freedom!
You don’t want to be stuck to your desk all day long working. Let software
take care of everything for you.

With all of the software combined, you’re going to reach the throughout
your entire market. Together, they give you the edge over your competition
in the Search Engine rankings.

Go-ahead and see what each of the following software can do for your
business by visiting the links below.

Software To Produce Targeted Raw Link Traffic:

· http://www.ForumEqualizer.com – Submit your questions,
comments, and tips to forums with the click of a button!
· http://www.BloggingEqualizer.com – Get your pages indexed fast
with the “Blog and Ping” technique.
· http://www.SubmitEqualizer.com – (given as a bonus to Press
Equalizer) Enjoy a repeated massive amount of exposure whenever
you want by submitting to directories, classified sites, FFA’s, and
search engines.
· http://www.InstantBlogLinks.com – Easily submit your comments,
questions, and tips to blog posts.
· http://www.GuestbookEqualizer.com – (given as a bonus to Forum
Equalizer) – Automatically submit your comments and links to
nearly a thousand of guest books around the web!

Software To Produce Targeted Content Link Traffic:

· http://www.InstantArticleSubmitter.com – Submit your articles to
over 200 directories with virtually complete automated submission
· http://www.PressEqualizer.com – Send your press releases
throughout the web into dozens of press newswires.
· http://www.InstantAffiliateSubmitter.com – Attract top producing
affiliates by effortlessly submitting to dozens of top affiliate

Plus, you should also keep in mind, that all of these link generation
techniques should work to together:

None of these techniques should be thought of as the single “Miracle
solution” (although, alone, their results can often be amazing). But, you
should focus on using multiple techniques on a consistent basis.

This is how you generate massive amounts of links and traffic. Because
each time you use one of the techniques, your links continue to grow, until
your site is flooded with incoming links.

And, remember, links (and what they say) are the single most important part
of getting ranked high in the search engines.

So, when you repeat these techniques together, then you can’t help, but
dominate the search engines.

So, what are you waiting for? Quick and easy new backlinks to rise in the
search engines are waiting for you!