Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 main blog software systems

1. http://www.blogger.com - Free and does not take any technical expertise
to start. Some also think that Google prefers these blogs because they own

2. http://www.wordpress.org – Has far more functionality and features than
blogger.com. But, it requires your own hosting and installation. Many
hosts allow you to use a 1-click installation and they will advertise this
feature on their sales page.

3. http://www.wordpress.com - Similar to blogger.com, but your blog uses
the WordPress software and format.

4. http://www.typepad.com/ - Another popular blog software. It’s similar to
blogger.com, except has many more features and charges a monthly fee.

Search engines love blogs because they’re in a structure that’s easy for them
to devour. All of the information to help the blogs classify your web pages
is all there.