Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Google ... the best place to work in America!

Google ... the best place to work in America!

What beautiful to be happy in your work!
Find water when they feel thirsty, have a cup of coffee and tea when you want to ... Sometimes I can embezzling some time to eat!

But what if happiness is the capacity to work Aventura Na!
Find a swimming pool just for recreation!
And C to find the practice of some sports!
As well as all kinds of venues for the ball (feet, tennis, etc.)!
And, of course, for some C video game!!

Find a large restaurant and free, you can eat it at any time
Can bring your dog to work so as not to feel lonely at home
Find four doctors in the service if I felt any pain

Find freedom may not find in your house!!

Google ... It's certainly the best place to work in America if not the world!