Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yahoo and the beginning of the end: the demobilization of 2,400 employees soon

In mid-December, was forced to Aol off hundreds of staff because of "poor performance of staff", it says, but many say otherwise,,

Now, after studying the Yahoo of the outcome of the last quarter of last year, seemed clear to company officials, "the difficulty of the current situation" and "heightened competition" to become the breath just retreat.

Now, it is certainly the demobilization of about Yahoo 20/100 staff of 12 thousand employees, or at least 2,400 employees, and during the last week of this month.

And will not be easy for these circumstances the "large" of experts to find suitable work for them, especially with Google (which you will find a favorable opportunity to join its team Ovdilhm).

And waiting today, 29 this month, Yahoo employees would have difficult days that could end any one of them "outside the fence company" and is not an enviable one.

Therefore, Do not you think that this is a "raise the white flag" by Yahoo rival Google? Vltama Yahoo struggled to win the bet for Google, but it seems that users of Yahoo's search engine can not be compared with his Google, and also the case with E-Mail LG, YouTube, Big Rnk Google and other techniques.

Google and you will find an opportunity to prove its current website, and even defeated their rivals a terrible silence.