Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why You Should Be Trying To Get As Many Links As Humanly Possible!

Why You Should Be Trying To Get As Many Links As Humanly Possible!

Links are the lifeline to your business. Just as you need water, your website
needs links to flourish.

Otherwise, it’s never going to get flowing in traffic or keep the traffic going
once it’s established.

Why are links this important?

Well, there are numerous reasons. The biggest one is that they are a major
consideration in how your websites rank in the search engines (and under
what search phrases).

If you want any chance of getting large amounts of free search engine
traffic, then you need lots of links.

Although you can get some search engine traffic without many incoming
links, you’re never going to get ranked for highly-searched competitive

Together with what the links say (also known as “anchor text”) pointing to
your website accounts for about 99% of what determines how high you rank
in the search engines.

For example, if you have 2,000 quality links pointing to your site that say,
“Book Store”, then you’re going to be ranked highly for this term.

The remaining 1 % of getting top rankings is just having the proper design
search engines like, such as including the keyword “book store” at proper
places on the page.

In other words, what all this means to you is simple…

The People Who Are Always Going-After New Links Enjoy
Massive FREE Search Engine Traffic!

The key to search engine success is not complicated. It’s all about getting
links, links, and more links.

With that said, you should also keep in mind some links are worth more than

A popular site like Amazon.com, About.com, Ebay.com, or any site that
already has lot’s of links pouring in are considered “worth more” than other
sites to search engines.

You can check a site’s status in the eyes of a search engine with Google’s
PR ranking displayed in their toolbar at: http://toolbar.google.com.

The tool bar then displays a little green bar inside the tool bar that looks like

The page rank is then based on a scale from 0-10. With the most popular
sites being 10 and new sites being 0. A site can also be unranked. Unranked
sites are usually not found in Google.

As your site gains more links, then its PR is going to grow. And when this
happens, then your site gains loads of more free search engine traffic!

Additional Important Benefits of Incoming Links Are:

· Targeted traffic from visitors who stumble upon your links (which
means more sales),

· Search engine spiders who come index your pages into the search
engines (vital if you want to get your sites making money quick),

· More exposure to make your sites more well-known and

Simply put, accumulating links for your site should be a main priority of
yours. It’s the only way to gain the edge over your competitors to dominate
the search rankings.

On the other hand, by not getting enough links to your website, then you’re
leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that.

Additionally, getting new links can be incredibly easy. You don’t have to
spend countless hours building huge reciprocal link directories… or paying
insane amounts of money for a few links pointing to your site.

You can accumulate huge amounts of links with minimal effort using the
methods discussed in the pages that follow.


Aldhis said...

Hi, would you please give some tips on how to get our own first back link from other site/blog?

kisho said...

by having good comments in other

websites with high pagerank greater than 4