Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Links from comments you make in other people’s blogs

Links from comments you make in other people’s blogs.

A great way to get links is to participate in other people’s blogs (leaving
your website link after you comment). You should especially look to post in
blogs with high google PR rankings.

Inside you might comment on:

· How much you like a post
· Any questions you have about the topic
· Or any tips you have about the topic

Then, leave your website with (anchor text) after your name.

An example post might be:


Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!

Your Name


Be sure to personalize your comments to each blog post.

The worst thing you can do would be to simply to leave an ad. This is
because many of your comments may not be approved or will be quickly

Your goal should be to write posts that get your links to stay-up long enough
for the search engines to find them.

To help automate the submission process to blogs, there’s a new software
that has been developed called, “Instant Blog Links.” This tool uncovers
hundreds of blogs in your market, finds the best ones to submit to, and
allows you to quickly and easily submit quality comments for traffic and

This means you can get a virtually unlimited source of one-way links
pointing to your website with this technique. You can learn more at:



Aldhis said...

Hi, I just as a question in your "Why You Should Be Trying To Get As Many Links..." post.
But I guess I've found the answer here... :) As a matter of fact, I'll do your tip right now.
Thank you for posting!

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kisho said...

I hope to be benefited from this post, and thanks to your comment