Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Webs Directories, FFAs, and classified ad sites.

Webs Directories, FFAs, and classified ad sites.

On the internet, there are 2 main ways people find you if they don’t know
you. The biggest one is search engines. But, the other one is directories.

There are a variety of directories, including:

· General ones, such as http://www.dmoz.com or
· Free For All Boards (where anybody can posts links)
· Classified sites

To find directories just do a search on Google for phrases like, “Add link”,
“Suggest link” and other variations or simply “directories”.

Directories vary in how much traffic they produce, depending on the
popularity. But, many of them offer high-quality links and the big ones can
produce significant amounts of traffic.

To automate submissions (and get a large list of high-quality submission
sites), we’ve developed an automatic submission software called “Submit
Equalizer”. Learn more at:

http://www.SubmitEqualizer.com (Also, keep in mind, this tool is given
away as a free bonus to Press Equalizer at: http://www.PressEqualizer.com)