Monday, October 20, 2008

Review of Cyberfetch Automated Search Engine Submitter

Review of Cyberfetch Automated Search Engine Submitter

Every already in awhile if I acquirement a section of business software or an ebook I am abundantly surprised. This is the case with Larry Stern's Cyberfetch Seek Engine Submitter. The software will abide your website to 1223 USA based seek engines, bulletin boards and ffa sites, 315 such Canadian sites, and 473 European directories, and bulletin boards. You can aswell acquirement databases for Asia as well.

I apperceive a lot of humans do not accept in announcement to ffa pages or bulletin boards because the ads are rotated off rather quickly. They say that cipher in fact sees these posts. Able-bodied they are about right. There is one being who looks at these pages and that is the buyer of the page. And who is the owner? He is an internet marketer. He is absorbed in accepting cartage to his website. So if you accept a artefact that interests such a being this is actual bargain able advertising. I apperceive because I own an ffa arrangement with over 15,000 members. It is my amount one money maker and has a appreciative PR0 baronial from Google.

I purchased the Cyberfetch software with the USA, Canadian and European databases for beneath than $60. Larry takes a actual easily on access to his business. He alone contacts anybody who purchases the software and manually gives them the alleviate cipher and database download advice so it ability yield a day. To his acclaim he responded to all my emails quickly.

I set up my attack for one website with a tracking url. It is actual simple to use. A amateur can get this traveling appropriate away. I submitted my attack to all the seek engines. It is done in just one bang for anniversary database and runs in the accomplishments after demography up too abounding resources. You can abide absolute urls or campaigns and you can use the software every day if you wish. There are no alternating charges. It is a one time fee that is it. Aswell Larry updates the database and you get two years of updates with your purchase. This is actual important back the sites can appear and go. It is abundant that he keeps up with it. This is actual time arresting plan that you do not accept to accord with.

Ok the results. Within 24 hours I had 34 clicks on my link. I accede this to be excellent. Keep in apperception this is a seek engine submitter. A lot of of the time you accept to delay weeks for the hotlink to get indexed if they do it at all. Also, abounding of the sites the Cyberfetch software submits to are not boards area ads circle off appropriate away. So my hotlink is accepting indexed all over the net. This is acceptable for my SEO and aswell for approaching traffic. But I got IMMEDIATE absolute cartage with this software. I accept this represents accomplished amount because that I can use this every day with adapted databases for two years for a baby one time fee. I awful acclaim the Cyberfetch Seek Engine Submitter.

There are added accomplished pieces of software which are even bigger than Cyberfetch. The Rolls Royce of SEO software is the Arelis Software from Axandra. However, it is abundant added complicated to use. You absolutely accept to abstraction this software. Plus it is in a altered amount ranges. The Axandra software costs about $200. Also, the Axandra software does not sumbit to ffa pages and messsage boards. With Cyberfetch you absolutely are sending out your ads to ten of bags of pages. Axandra takes a added continued appellation appearance and tries to get you listed assuredly in the above seek engines and directories while Cyberfectch is a section of software which blasts your ads out to masses of beneath important pages.

The software which a lot of carefully competes with Arelis is SEO Elite. I accept purchased both pieces of software and they are both accomplished and actual similar. I accept to say that Arelis out classes SEO elite. It is artlessly a admirable section of software. It creates templates for your hotlink exchanges pages from just scanning a webpage of your choice. It again creates admirable hotlink direcotories for hotlink exchanges.

Bottom band Cyberfetch and Arelis accept altered niches so they are not mutually exclusive. However, SEO aristocratic duplicates Arelis actual carefully and my best amid again two would be Arelis.