Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don’t Nest Your Pages

When Google crawls your site, it typically starts at the home page and then follows
each link on the page to all your other pages. Google finds your home page in turn
from following a link on another website that points to your site.

Generally speaking, Google seems to attach more importance to files that are closer
to the root folder on your server - the folder on your Web server where the home
page file is located. Bear in mind however that some web designers may create
multiple folders on the server for ease in maintaining lots of files.

It is believed that Google assigns pages located in other folders a lower score than
pages located in the root folder. In general, Google doesn’t like to index sites that are
more than about two folder levels deep. Ideally, all pages should live in the same
folder as your home page or at most be one level deep.