Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Improve your site in Yahoo

The title Title
Major and the first sign of search engine spiders see is a title, is always preferable to mark the beginning of this word keyword concerned, but at the same time must ensure that the text in a proper title Venlfrd that our keyword is "forum sites displaying" the sign of this title The page can be "good publicity at sites", he noted that the title started with the word keyword, but also contained, among other special marketing company for promoting the service.

Description Meta Description:
Place and simple and easy description of your site and do not forget that wherever and whenever you describe well received more visitors from search engines.

Description Keywords Meta Keyword:
Keywords Keywords are not meant for nothing but to Google and Yahoo are still taken into account so you can use. Keywords you study carefully and not repeat and must not exceed 250 characters linked to by commas and do not re-keywords more than once.

Links URL:
Create links to your pages and tried to make it refers to the content of the page.

Description Head:
H1 and h2 used in all the pages to support the links page.

Alternative image text Alt text:
Appropriate alternative text to describe each image Alt text.

Links Inline:
Central and your position is useful to include links to relevant pages of the same content.

Links LINKS:
Be careful to build links with other sites and publish your site and the evidence codes.

Characteristics SITE EXPLORER:
Create an account at the service of Yahoo site explorer and I am careful to follow the laws and instructions at Yahoo

Other tips:
- Create a sitemap file and I am careful to add in the yahoo site explorer through Aladp Add feed.
- Add your site here http://searchmarketing.yahoo.com/srchsb/index.php