Monday, October 20, 2008

Fundamentals of a Search Engine Friendly Website

Fundamentals of a Search Engine Friendly Website

There are several things that you can do to accomplish your website "friendly" to the seek engines, abnormally Google.

First of all, accomplish able use of your page's appellation Meta Tag. Choose a appellation that reflects your business and includes 2 or 3 of your primary keywords. For example, the appellation of our website is: "Custom website architecture for baby business in London. Rural Web Design"

This appellation has 5 of our a lot of important keywords in it: Custom - Website - Architecture - London and Business .

Another actual important Meta Tag is the description The description tag shouldn't accommodate just a account of key words. It should be a analytic book that contains your keywords. Again, we'll use our description as an example: "Custom web website architecture and business from Rural Web Architecture in Cumbria"

This description contains our primary keywords yet it reads like a articular sentence.

In adjustment to accomplish it actual simple for the seek engine spiders to clamber your site, if accessible abode links to all of your pages on your home page as able-bodied as every added page on your site. Also actualize a Website Map page and hotlink to it anon from your home page. On your Website Map page abode links to every added page in your website. This guarantees that every page on your website can be accomplished with a best of two abrasion clicks or "link follows" by the spiders.

Near the top of your page, you should use your primary keywords in an H1 attack tag. Google gives added weight to argument amid aural attack tags if accretion PR. Also use a brace of H2 tags on your page because they calculation as able-bodied (although not as abundant as the H1.

You can use ALT tags to call your photos. If you can use a keyword or two in your ALT tag that is even better, but be accurate actuality that your ALT tag accurately describes the photo or Google may accede it to be SPAM which of advance is not good.

Validate Your HTML Code. While the seek engines don't affliction whether your HTML cipher is error-free, they await on the basal definiteness of the cipher to acquisition out which portions of your web page to index. If your HTML cipher contains errors, it is accessible that alone portions of your web page are included in the seek engine's database. The errors, while ephemeral in a web browser, may advance the seek engine software to anticipate that some of the argument on your page is allotment of the HTML formatting advice rather than your site's content. As a result, the seek engine may avoid that text, and your web page will not be apparent in its after-effects page.

Creating a seek engine affable website does not necessarily beggarly that you will get top advertisement for a accurate keyword or keyword phrase. It is about a all-important aboriginal footfall if you wish to rank anywhere abreast the aboriginal few pages of the seek engine results. A website that is not seek engine accessible may not even arise in the after-effects for any query. The tips in this commodity are the pre-requisites for any website ambitious the top positions in Google, Yahoo, and the added seek engines.