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Search Engine Marketing Explained

Search Engine Marketing Explained

This commodity has been able by Tug. Tug, is a Seek Engine Business specialist agency, based in Shoreditch, London.

Search Engines accept acquired into a new consumer, communications and business channel. Google, Yahoo and MSN serve 213 actor searches a day.

In fact, 9 out of 10 internet surfers use a Seek Engine to alpha their internet journey. Therefore, if your website doesn’t accept afterimage in the engines, you are missing cogent volumes of traffic.

Natural vs. Paid for Listings

There are about two listings aural a Seek Engine After-effects Page (SERP): the Accustomed listings (on the left) and the Paid for advertisement (on top and on the right).

Natural listings are the after-effects the engine believes to be the a lot of accordant sites to your search. The accustomed listings consistently accept over 70% of customer clicks. Paid for listings are the ads served by Advertisers, who accept bid on the appellation searched for by the consumer.

The Accustomed listings accordingly account all accessible websites in the World Wide Web, while the Paid for listings alone serve links by accordant Advertisers accommodating to pay for their spot, and appropriately top afterimage in the engines.

To access Reach, advertisers can pay for ads on the Seek Engines themselves, as able-bodied as their bounded listings, adaptable listings and their Agreeable Network of websites.

Pay per Bang (PPC). Pay alone for Visitors

Unlike added business channels area you pay for the amount of humans who see your ad, in pay per bang commercial (PPC) you alone pay if anyone clicks on your ads and is apprenticed through to your site.

• 75% of users seek for appurtenances and casework through a Seek Engine.

• PPC has the everyman amount per advance compared to added Direct Business methods.

• Pay per bang commercial is accordant to what the alone is analytic for – targeting them at the appropriate moment and mood.

• Pay per bang is 100% accountable.

• Advertisers can apperceive the amount of anniversary about-face in real-time, and campaigns can be instantly optimised for best ROI.

To get afterimage in the paid for listings you can set up a PPC attack for your website yourself, or by allotment a specialist Seek Engine Business bureau like Tug.

To get afterimage in the Accustomed listings you charge to optimise your website – this is alleged Seek Engine Optimisation. Again this is area you charge to bureau a specialist bureau like Tug.

What is Seek Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine Optimisation, or SEO as it’s frequently accepted as, is an online business action that involves designing, autograph and coding your absolute website with the ambition of enabling seek engines to basis your website calmly and efficiently. The sole aim and cold is for it to rank college for keywords accordant to your business. Optimising a website is analytical to accepting afterimage on the amoebic or accustomed (left duke side) seek after-effects (SERP’s) of seek engines.

SEO, is done in two stages, accepted primarily as on page and off page. On page involves the website itself and fundamentally evolves about the design, body and archetype laid out aural the absolute site. Off page relates to advancing SEO development and includes hotlink architecture campaigns, account and commodity submissions, paid agenda submissions and abutting altercation forums that chronicle to your called industry. The closing is basically about accepting 3rd affair acknowledgment of your website.

On Page Factors

• Keyword mining

• Keyword body checks

• Credible copywriting

• Meta tags scripting

• Clean and accurate mark-up (HTML)

• Hotlink management

Off Page Factors

• Free / paid agenda submission

• Commodity and account submission

• Press absolution distribution

• Reciprocal hotlink marketing

• Inbound hotlink building

• Digital signatures

Using Seek Engine Business to accommodated your Communication Objectives

Consumers application a Seek Engine are primarily in two sets of mind: ‘Research’ approach and ‘Ready to act/buy/sign up’ mode. From a marketer’s point of appearance they are at altered stages of the Purchase Cycle.

PPC campaigns should be set up with this in mind. Altered campaigns can be geared for altered objectives – for archetype one for Awareness and one for Sales. The Awareness attack should be optimized for Reach, apperception on the accomplished amount of clicks at the cheapest accessible price. The Sales attack adjoin should be optimized for sales aggregate and cheapest Amount per Acquisition (CPA).

Search Engine Optimisation will primarily accommodated your Awareness and Cartage objectives, as the attack usually concentrates on fewer, broader keyterms. But accumulate in apperception that this broader Seek ability ultimately advance to a auction as the Searcher moves through the Purchase Cycle. Remember to optimize your Meta Descriptions (the description in the SERP) with the customer in mind.

Search Engine Business Case Studies:

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study: UK Business Properties.


• UK Business Properties launched a new Commercial Property agenda in 2006

• While the bureau that congenital the website assured them it was SEO friendly, they were admiring on page 3 on Google for the a lot of important keyword: ‘Commercial Property’


• Tug developed an SEO action that emphasised the keyword ‘Commercial Property’

• Review and alteration of website agreeable – accession of agreeable pages for all UK regions

• Review and alteration of Meta

• Review and alteration of cipher to accomplish added spider friendly

• Agenda and website map submission

• A bespoke hotlink architecture attack area we submitted to directories, commodity websites and actively barter links with top PageRank sites in alongside business verticals


• Aural 6 weeks the website was listed #3 on Page 1 of

• The keyword ‘Commercial Property’ now drives 65% of cartage to the site

• They are now #1 on Google and we are now optimising and hotlink architecture for new accordant keywords

Pay per Bang Case Study: Truffle Shuffle


• Truffle Shuffle is an online banker aggressive in a bound allowance business, adjoin baby bodice retailers and huge online retailers like ASOS.


• PPC attack on Google and Yahoo.

• Avoid Broad keywords even if they can drive sales volume.

• Use alone actual specific artefact accompanying keywords.

• Use bid administration software to set austere Position and ROI rules.

• Develop specific, accordant ad Creative for every accessible t-shirt.

• Account allocation with PR efforts.

• Concentrate alone on keywords that catechumen beneath £5.25.

• Admeasurement acquirement and plan with exact margins to admeasurement accumulation on every keyword weekly.


• In November 07, Tug collection 1,949 sales (1 or added t-shirts) at an boilerplate amount per about-face of £1.39.

• We delivered a 24:1 ROI (revenue generated/ad spend).


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