Saturday, December 13, 2008

Learn the ways of Visitors

Learn the ways of Visitors

1 .- Monitor complaints by e-mail.

It is vital to monitor complaints or suggestions that come by e-mail. We must take them seriously, we should not take them as insults, quite the contrary, we think they are friends who will help you improve your site.

When we receive e-mails with complaints repetitive, is a clear signal that we need to deal more carefully with the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

2 .- Provide on-line questionnaires.

A good idea is to create an online questionnaire, where we can gather opinions from visitors. We must not create a form with many questions, are the best two or three questions, otherwise few people will spend their time completing it.

It is important to carefully consider what questions can help improve the site. Let few questions, but really useful.

For more answers to the questionnaire, we can do a lot among users who complete. It does not have to be somewhat expensive for us. We can get around an area on our website to accommodate a banner over a month, a document of particular interest to users and so on.

3 .- Using Cookies.

Cookies can help us to collect information from visitors. These are small files that are stored in the visitor’s computer and record small details. We can use them to learn more things from visitors, such as banners that have punctured.

For example: We want to know how many people are coming from a banner just buying the product. We can do this by creating a new special page for the announcement. When someone click on the banner, arrives at the page in question, where the Javascript code places a cookie on the visitor’s computer, recording who has played in the banner. When the internet user buys the product (although not the same day), the system will query the cookie, and discovers that previously had visited the site of the proceeds from the banner.

4 .- Customizing the site.

There are Web sites that employ tools to gather information from visitors, such as products that look, those who buy the banners that stuck, and so on. This data is combined with a database to make a profile of the customer, and the next show banners connections or content that best suits their interests.

5 .- Statistics site.

We can also examine the records of the traffic statistics, we can see in them habits of our visitors, such as hours during which connect more, they come to visit, etc, as well as specific data such as the browser version they use. See article analyzing the traffic.

6 .- Using JavaScript.

In addition to cookies, JavaScript can be programmed to collect information on the visitor’s browser as the resolution of the monitor you use, operating system and browser version.

All these forms to collect information about visitors can help a lot to learn more about them, and to improve the well site.