Saturday, December 13, 2008

Web positioning picture is it possible?

This is a subject which always creates doubts about whether to use images on pages that we want to position in the search engines and this is where the battle is created between the search engines and the human eye because both are seeking different things in a web , To see people like intros lively, attractive colors and images while the robots search engines are looking for something a bit more than that because they are interested in getting more good content, good navigation and site structure well-distributed in a sitemap .

Replacing text with images: why? In some cases there are words that do not interest us that search engines take as the content of the page, everybody knows that the robots of search engines give much importance to the first 30 words “about” the content Well, imagine that on your site the first thing you get is a message of welcome to your visitors “Welcome to my Web ….” Now the search engine thinks like the first thing you will get is that text and of course your keywords are going to the bottom of the abyss in positioning is concerned, in this case if we are to maintain that message of welcome we should do it in the form of image so we can leave as the first content that is found on our keywords, but you see that you already have your Web site and published do not want to change the image of it. The easiest way to implement this change without changing the image of your site is as follows:

• Abres your page from the browser.
• Pinchas button “Print Screen”.
• Then from an image editor Photoshop, Fireworks, etc …
• open a new document.
• Paste.
• It appears that you copied the entire screen to click “Print Screen”.
• Select the tool to cut or trim.
• Remove all but the welcome text that you like …
• Save it.
• And just because you have to replace the text on the page for that picture and upload it to your server.

With this method, we achieved a balance between these two rivals such as the human eye that looks and appearance robots seekers looking content.
Obviously achieve this is a far more complex than obtaining a good search engine optimization. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally have a special adoration for the subject.