Saturday, December 13, 2008

Forget PPC and Move on to CPA

I am still curious if anyone still thinks PPC is worthy in a niche like technology and internet marketing. I still see some make money online blogs applied it on their blog. All I can do is laugh and keep spitting at the screen because of such lousy brains of the bloggers.

Look at it this way, PPC won’t make you much money anymore. I used to make $390 from PPC 3 YEARS ago. Right now, PPC won’t make you money anymore — unless you plan to buy a shirt with that measly money your PPC company sends you.

Trust me and go for CPA. Don’t be stupid.

Why? PPC pays an average of $0.10 per click. CPA pays an average of $1 per action. Is 10 clicks worth 1 action?

Again, please don’t be an idiot.