Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quickest Way to Get on Google’s First Page - Don’t Tell Others I am Telling You These Tips

I know everyone would love to see their sites on the first page of Google. Unless you’re a lazy bum like me who hates all the work, these tips will be extremely useful to you. If you like organic vegies traffic, this might be the best tips so far.

Remember, I’m not a marketer who will sell stuffs. I make big bucks from all these tips. I don’t need them anymore. :twisted:

1. Use your keywords.

Yes, you basically just keep repeating your keywords like “make money online” or “get fit” as much as you can without been sniffed by Google for keyword stuffing. How to do this? Plan out your articles and for every 500 words articles, you should repeat 5 of your keywords.

2. Tags

I bet you know. Something like the first method and a little spammy. Use tags well because my good friend, the “Search Engine Spider” loves tags. In fact, he licks them so often that his tongue gone blue.

3. Parasiting

Create a single optimized keyword page on Squidoo or Hubpages. They existed for a reason. Make use of them.

4. Ping

Yes, although pings work automatically most of the time, you should reping after some time (maybe like 6 hours).

5. Keyword links

Best way to do this is blog commenting. Not very effective and lots of troubles, but will get your site up on search engine’s first page pretty quickly.