Saturday, December 13, 2008

Serious errors in the search positioning

That should be planned before positioning on the Internet.

Not for nothing did the great strategists say: “The Strategy First, Then The Communication”

The first grave error committed by companies or individuals who take the search engine optimization as a technique “and be everywhere, and now that we see the best search engines and to put a word associated with the object of the enterprise we first ! Is to think, rightly, that the techniques (and worse, I usually read documents with the use of the word “strategic”) positioning are filling the site with words that compulsively repeated words that randomly taken as “keywords” and then make everyone ALL put a link to your page.

They use tools and technical means of the latest generation without taking into account the message, the concept, “communication”.

Well, this is not a search engine optimization, e-marketing least a thousand names or gives to this activity.

The romance must have a basic study of marketing (albeit basic), a strategy, an implementation plan and control efficiency.

To achieve a good job of positioning and web advertising must split on the idea:

- Imitating the competition, look for “remove” the idea and position ourselves to this concept is counterproductive to try to see where he was. Your company must direct its marketing campaign depending on the characteristics of its own unique brand.

- Believing that campaigns must be innovative. The communication must be effective not necessarily creative, it must be profitable.
Very few works of positioning are targeted or take into account a very important variable: the ROI (return of Investment). This value must be positive so that our work is truly effective.
Obviously there are launching campaigns to generate a goal that is not necessarily obtain sales, or recruiting clients but for example to make the audience a brand associated with a new product or service.
This point is a great debate among colleagues: Is there really focused on marketing campaigns to something else other than Vender… Vender… Sell?

Communication must focus on the message and the recipient, not to look for “everything to everyone,” this is the only thing that will get scattered.

As I explained in other articles, the positioning is the mindset that took place a mark inside the mind of the consumer, and when the job is well done, the client has an idea, a concept that associates your brand: quality, speed, youth, safety, profitability, etc..
This concept should differentiate us from the competition; get in a place that can meet (easily).

Focused on the mark, making this substitution of a noun or verb is phenomenal. I mean, simple: the people instead of saying “let us take a gaseous” read “take a Coca Cola”, “I have a headache, and I’m going to take a Genial”. With this we are getting a little bit to what is Branding, “the power of the brand.”

Obviously achieve this is a far more complex than obtaining a good search engine optimization. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally have a special adoration for the subject).