Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your homepage is the most important page on your web site

Your homepage is the most important page on your web site

If you concentrate your most important keywords and key phrases in your homepage

many times, the search engines will surely notice and index it accordingly. But will it still

read easily and will the sentences flow freely to your real human visitors? There are some

good chances that it might not. As a primer, having just 40 or 50 words on your

homepage will not deliver the message effectively. To be powerful and effective, a

homepage needs at least 300 to 400 words for maximum search engine throughput and


One way to do that is to increase your word count with more value-added content. This

often means rewriting your whole homepage all over again. The main reason to this is

you will probably never have enough room to skillfully work your important keywords

and key phrases into the body text of your homepage. This may not please your boss or

marketing department, but a full re-write is often necessary and highly advisable to

achieve high rankings in the engines, while at the same time having a homepage that will

please your site visitors and convert a good proportion of them into real buyers.

Here is the acid test that will prove what we just said is right: Carefully examine the body

text of your existing homepage. Then, attempt to insert three to five different keywords

and key phrases three to four times each, somewhere within the actual body of your

existing page. In doing that, chances are you will end up with a homepage that is next to

impossible to understand and read.

One mistake some people do is to force their prospects to wade through endless key

phrase lists or paragraphs, in an attempt to describe their features and benefits. The other

reason they do that is in trying to please the search engines at the same time. Writing a

powerful and effective homepage around carefully defined keywords and key phrases is a

sure way you can drive targeted traffic to your web site and keep them there once you do.

If some people still say re-writing a homepage takes too much time and costs too much

money, think of the cost of losing prospective clients and the real cost of lost sales and

lost opportunities. In the end, writing a strong homepage that will achieve all your desired

goals will largely justify your time invested and the efforts you will have placed in the re-

writing of your homepage.