Saturday, September 20, 2008

Click Popularity

Click Popularity

We discussed about Link Popularity. Another factor influencing search engine placement

in some search engines is Click Popularity. The number of users clicking on links to your

page from the search results is counted. Pages that are frequently clicked will get a

popularity boost.

Your site is awarded a certain number of points each time someone clicks your link from

the search results. If your Web site already has a high ranking you will get fewer points

compared to a low ranking site. This way all sites have an equal chance to get click

through points awarded.

Don't be tempted to click your own link over and over again. Repeated clicks from the

same IP will be detected. Clicking on your link and quickly returning to the search engine

again might actually hurt your rank. The search engines will believe you did not find

anything interesting at the page. That is not a good search engine optimization strategy.

How can you influence click popularity then? By putting some work into your page title

and description Meta tag. These are the main factors influencing people's decision to

click your link. High quality content will make visitors stay at your search engine

optimized web site, and will stop them from quickly returning to the search engine.