Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inward Linking

Inward Linking

Like reciprocal linking, inward links to your website can be an effective strategy to

increase your website’s visibility to Search Engines. Inward links are links pointing to

your websites from other websites without providing a reciprocal link from your website.

There are many techniques to improve inward linking. Many of these have enjoyed

success with Search Engines. The most proven technique for inward linking is through

Ebooks. You can offer interesting and educative Ebooks for free to other websites and

they could install them on their sites. The Ebook you create would have a link to your

website. This will allow a spider to crawl through that link and visit you website. For

example, a footer on every alternate page can have a link to your website that would

increase the probability of your website being listed with a crawler based Search Engine.

Other techniques include posting newsletters, white papers, news stories and press

releases to other websites, particularly industry specific and general portals. The

newsletters and press releases would contain a link pointing to your website, thus,

increase its visibility to crawlers.

Affiliate programs also help in improving inward linking. In affiliate schemes, you

provide incentives (usually a commission on the sale of your product or service) for other

websites to become affiliates (i.e. carriers). These affiliates then generate you direct

traffic; the added bonus comes in the form of those inward links to your site. Affiliate

Programs create powerful alliances between your web site and your various "affiliate"

web sites. Providing affiliate links to your website would improve your website’s search

engine ranking. It makes your website more visible to crawlers.