Thursday, September 18, 2008

Link Popularity

Link Popularity

Your "link popularity" is simply a count of the number of web pages that are linked to

you. Improving your website’s link popularity is absolutely vital for improving the

visibility of your website with regard to Search Engines. You may want to know your

link popularity for two reasons. The first is that your link popularity will improve your

ranking on all crawler search engines. As discussed earlier, all crawler-based search

engines have a component called the spider, which crawls from one webpage to another

through links. Hence, more the websites linking to your website, the better are your

chances of getting listed through a search engine. The second reason is that you might

want to know which websites are linked to you and potentially referring traffic.

Search engines give sites with good inbound and outbound links a higher ranking. The

logic goes that if you provide outbound links to other material you are providing a

valuable service: and, if other sites link to you then you must have content of value.


oliviaharis said...

The more links you have pointing to your site, the more search engines will deem your site as a valuable resource. That's where link popularity comes in. Building inbound links through a reciprocal link exchange program is an easy yet powerful search engine optimization tool.
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