Saturday, September 20, 2008

Review of SEO software and submission services

Review of SEO software and submission services

The use of automatic Submit tools for the major search engines and directories may not

be desirable. If you submit to some search engines incorrectly your pages could actually

be deleted permanently from their index or directory. At the same time, you may find

manual submissions too time consuming. Experts have suggested that you use software

that submits pages as if you were doing it by hand. TopDog, Web Position Gold and

Submit Wolf Pro are good choices. Some others are: CommandoPro Submission

Software, Add Web Site Promoter, VSE Be Found (Mac), Submission 2000.

Be very careful in selecting the company or service that you hire for search engine

optimization, if you do not wish to do it yourself. Beware of those who promise top

engine rankings through the use of Meta tags or by building doorway pages or using link

farms or cloaked pages (submitting pages that are different from the actual live pages). If

the firm tells you that you need to improve content, position keywords carefully, and seek

quality reciprocal links, perhaps that is an indication of a good firm to work with.