Thursday, September 18, 2008

Focus on important keywords: Finding top keywords

Focus on important keywords: Finding top keywords

You may like to know what are the most popular search words and strings, so that you

could choose top keywords related to your own site. Some resources that help in this are

discussed here.

Place your subject term in Overture’s free Search Term Suggestion Tool. The result will

be a list of all search terms related to the word you inserted that were most popular at

Overture. The list is in the order of popularity. Thus you know what most people are

looking for. Wordtracker has a fee-based service that lets you do the same based on Meta

search engines such as Dogpile and Meta Crawler. Supplement this effort through the

Related Searches feature that is seen in many search engines. Sites such as AltaVista,

Yahoo, HotBot and others have this feature. Place your subject or one of the target

keywords in the search string on these. From the results page go to the section: “Others

searched for” or “Related searches” that is available on many search engines and you will

find the other related terms listed there.