Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meta tags and keywords

Meta tags and keywords

While Meta tags are not the complete answer to the question of "How do I improve my

search engine ranking?” they can help with some search engines. Since there are millions

of pages with Meta tags, you can add all the pages you want and still not control a

sizeable percentage of the pages on the World Wide Web.

What are Meta tags? They are information inserted into the "head" area of your web

pages. Other than the title tag, information in the head area of your web pages is not seen

by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, Meta information in this area is used to

communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Meta tags, for

example, can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-

rated itself in terms of adult content.

Meta tags may help you with some search engines, so you’ll want to consider adding

them to every page you create. On the other hand, you can find many highly ranked web

pages without Meta tags. For example, Meta tags have no effect on how humans will

view your pages and enter your information into directories like Yahoo.