Thursday, September 18, 2008

Submitting to Inktomi

Submitting to Inktomi

To submit a homepage using Add URL, you would have to use one of Inktomi’s partners.

HotBot UK is recommended for this purpose.

HotBot UK Add URL -

The submission through the addurl feature is levied a penalty on ranking if that is the

only way the page has been crawled. If the same page gets covered through normal

crawling or through paid inclusion, the ranking penalty is removed.

Inktomi has a paid submission program called “Search Submit” that charges a fee of $39

a year for your homepage. More web pages can be added for $25 per web page. After a

year, if you do not renew the service, Inktomi might drop your homepage. Inktomi’s

partners sell this program.

Search Submit -

Inktomi allows maximum 20 web pages from each website to be submitted per day.

Inktomi also provides Bulk Program wherein you can add thousands of web pages at a

time. A small fee is charged each time someone clicks on your web page listing.