Saturday, September 20, 2008

Develop a catchy title and description

Develop a catchy title and description

When the search engine user gets the result of a search, they’ll see the highlighted titles

for each listing followed by a short description. You should think of this just like a

classified ad with a headline and short copy.

Here are some tips for formulating effective titles and descriptions:

• Use an attention getting headline to get as many people as possible to read the

description. Here’s where you want to be sure to use the important proven

successful terms like "free" and "you".

• Write a description that succinctly tells the reader why he or she would be a fool

not to click on your link. For most keywords this is the best plan because you’re

only paying a penny or two for the click-through. But, you’ll want to be more

selective about the copy for the more expensive bids. If you’re going to pay a

quarter for each click through, then you may want to have higher quality traffic.

You don’t want just anyone to click through. You want people more likely to buy.

• You should have the ability to track each keyword so you can determine the

success ratios of clickthroughs to sales. All programs discussed above will allow

you to use their system to track clickthroughs.