Saturday, September 20, 2008

Choosing a Web host provider for your site

Web Hosting

Choosing a Web host provider for your site is no small decision. When you make a

choice of a Web page host, you are actually placing your Internet business in the hands of

your Web host provider. Choosing the wrong Web page hosting plan can cause

permanent damage to your search engine placement.

Selecting a Web page host is like renting an office. You want to get it right the first time.

It is always possible to move somewhere else, but it's no easy task to move your entire

business - not to mention the damage that already could be caused by then.

We are going to look at some little known facts about Web page hosting and how it can

effect your search engine placement.

Did you submit your site over and over again without ever getting it indexed in the search

engines? Or was your site indexed, but is nowhere to be found when you type your search

terms into the engines? Your Web host provider might be the cause of that. As AltaVista


"If being found via search engines is important to your business, be very careful about

where you have your pages hosted. If the hosting service also hosts spammers and

pornographers, you could wind up being penalized or excluded."

AltaVista is not the only search engine enforcing this policy against certain Web Hosting

services. This is a common practice causing many sites to lose their rank. Choosing the

right host for your Web hosting needs is of great importance if you really care about your

search engine position.

Here is a short list of things to watch out for

Shared IP hosting

Many Web hosting services do not give out unique IP addresses to customers. The name-

based system of virtual Web hosting allows multiple domains to be hosted by a single IP.

This means several hundred domain names could all be using the same IP address. Are

you sharing an IP address with people you don't even know?

If someone else, who is hosted on the same server as your site, gets banned on a search

engine, then your Web site will be caught and banned as well. This happens on a regular

basis causing serious problems for those who are affected.