Thursday, September 18, 2008

Write a persuasive home page

Write a persuasive home page

In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), writing a strong homepage that will

rank high in the engines and will read well with your site visitors can sometimes present a

challenge, even to some seasoned SEO professionals. Once you have clearly identified

your exact keywords and key phrases, the exact location on your homepage where you

will place those carefully researched keywords will have a drastic impact in the end

results of your homepage optimization.

One thing we keep most people say is that they don’t want to change the looks or more

especially the wording on their homepage. Understandably, some of them went to great

lengths and invested either a lot of time and/or money to make it the best it can be. Being

the best it can be for your site visitors is one thing. But is it the best it can be for the

search engines, in terms of how your site will rank?

If you need powerful rankings in the major search engines and at the same time you want

to successfully convert your visitors and prospects into real buyers, it's important to

effectively write your homepage the proper way the first time! You should always

remember that a powerfully optimized homepage pleases both the search engines and

your prospects. In randomly inserting keywords and key phrases into your old homepage,

you might run the risk of getting good rankings, but at the same time it might jeopardize

your marketing flow. That is a mistake nobody would ever want to do with their


Even today, there are still some people that will say you can edit your homepage for key

phrases, without re-writing the whole page. There are important reasons why that strategy

might not work.