Thursday, September 18, 2008

Submitting to the big ones

Submitting to the big ones

There are currently hundreds of search engines out there, most of them are not much

more than an advanced FFA page. You can surely not submit your site to each of these.

The best strategy to follow is to use automated submittal software as discussed earlier for

the Search Engines that are less popular, while hand submitting to the top 10 Search


Beware of the ads such as 'submit to the top 500 search engines for only $99', because

generally only the top 10 will drive traffic to your site. It doesn’t take much time to

manually submit to these top engines and your $99 could better be spent on

or buying ads in ezines or whatever.

At the moment the top ten search sites - meaning both directories and search engines

account for just over 93% of all search engine traffic. The other 6.something% is made

up of hundreds of sites claiming to be search engines. Even at that the 11th - 15th biggest

search engines make up most of that figure. So what are the search sites you need to

concentrate on? Some of the top search engines are discussed above. There are a few

others which are also quite popular. The following is a suggested list of search engines

and directories. (ODP) (Fast)

Inktomi (AOL, Hotbot, MSN + more)

Teoma ( Paid Inclusion