Thursday, September 18, 2008

Avenues for promotion

Avenues for promotion

Search Engines provide you an effective vehicle for promotion of your website. There are

no doubt other channels available. ‘Directories’ is often included in the generic term

‘search engines’ although they are distinct in their characteristics and function.

Advertisements through banner displays at popular and often visited sites and “portals”,

reciprocal links, affiliate links and programs that direct visitors from one site to a targeted

site (with a payment associated with such arrangements) and publicity through other

media are other well known avenues of promotion. Mass email campaigns, publishing

and distributing internet newsletters, ‘permission marketing’ using list servers and

internet based marketing promotions including coupons and sweepstakes are other forms

of online advertising. The key determinant is what value the initiative offers you in return

for the investment. Metrics are somewhat more difficult to establish for search engine

optimization compared to other direct forms of advertisement. Some suggested measures

for determining ROI are discussed in a later section.