Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Google Works

How Google Works

Google has a comprehensive and highly developed technology, a straightforward

interface and a wide-ranging array of search tools which enable the users to easily access

a variety of information online. Google users can browse the web and find information in

various languages, retrieve maps, stock quotes and read news, search for a long lost

friend using the phonebook listings available on Google for all of US cities and basically

surf the 3 billion odd web pages on the internet! Google boasts of having world’s largest

archive of Usenet messages, dating all the way back to 1981. Google’s technology can

be accessed from any conventional desktop PC as well as from various wireless platforms

such as WAP and i-mode phones, handheld devices and other such Internet equipped


The web search technology offered by Google is often the technology of choice of the

world’s leading portals and websites. It has also benefited the advertisers with its unique

advertising program that does not hamper the web surfing experience of its users but still

brings revenues to the advertisers.