Thursday, September 18, 2008

Google Web Search Features

Google Web Search Features

Google offers a variety of special features which helps users to find exactly what they are

looking which is all in addition to providing easy access to more than 3 billion web

pages. The following is an overview of its key features:

• Calculator

Google has a built-in calculator function which can be used to calculate mathematical

expressions involving basic arithmetic, more complicated math, units of measure and

conversions, physical constants and even hexadecimal and binary numbering systems.

You can simply enter the expression you'd like evaluated in the search box and hit the

Enter key or click the Google Search button.

• Dictionary Definitions

When searching about any particular term, if the Google database has a definition or

meaning for the term, then it will be highlighted with an underline on the results page.

This definition is derived in association with a reliable dictionary source.

• File Types

In addition to HTML files, Google search also supports 12 other formats such as

PDF, Microsoft Office, PostScript, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and others.

Additionally, Google also offers the user the ability to "View as HTML", which

allows users to view these files in case the corresponding software is not installed on

the user’s PC. It also eliminates the hazards of opening a virus-infected document.

• News Headlines

While searching for a particular term, if that term is also in any of the current news, it

is displayed as a separate news link on the results page. This is derived from various

news providers who work in association with Google and who let Google monitor


A new offering – Advanced News Search

A new offering from Google - Advanced News Search, allows visitors to scour

headlines by date, location, exact phrases or publication. People can use it retrieve

articles from more than 4,500 news outlets publishing on the Web. Advanced News

Search lets visitors search for headlines using several parameters. Among other

features, people can locate stories that contain an exact phrase, within the Unites

States or abroad, or written by a specific publisher.

• Similar Pages

The results page also displays a link for ‘similar pages’ which uses the GoogleScout

technology to explore the web for similar pages. This is particularly helpful if you

have hit upon a page which has relevant content, but you want something similar but


• Web Page Translation

This feature is particularly helpful if your search has non-English results. Google

offers a facility to automatically translate a page for you in English. Currently,

Google supports Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages.

• SafeSearch Filtering

Google provides a SafeSearch option to filter pornographic contents from its results

page. This is especially useful for shared computers which need to be protected for

children surfing the Internet. Google’s technology tries to check keywords and

phrases, URLs and Open Directory categories and eliminate these from the search