Thursday, September 18, 2008

AltaVista’s Search Features

AltaVista’s Search Features

AltaVista offers a wide range of search features. Most of these options are available in its

"Advanced Search" section.

Boolean search - Full Boolean Search support. AND (+), OR, AND NOT (-)

(instead of NOT) Search terms can be nested.

Phrase - Available. Put quotes around the phrase, such as "New York Times"

Proximity - Available. NEAR operator means within ten words of one another.

Can be nested with other tags.

Word Stemming - Available. You can use the wild card (*) at the end or in the

middle of a word.

Capitalization - If you search in upper case, AltaVista searches in upper case only.

Lower case words and phrases search for upper and lower case, and will therefore

yield more results.

Field Search - The following options are available:

o Applet: searches for the name of an applet

o Domain: specifies the domain extension, such as .com

o Host: searches for pages within a particular site

o Image: searches for an image name

o Link: searches for pages that link to the specified site

o Object: search engines - searches for the name of an object

o Text: excludes Meta tags information

o Title: search in the HTML title only

o URL: searches for sites that have a specified word in the URL

Date Searching - Available under Advanced Search section.

Search within results -Available. This option is offered after each search.

Media Type searching - Available for Images, Music/MP3, and Video.

Language Searching - AltaVista has very extensive language support. It supports

around 30 languages.