Friday, November 14, 2008

How Flash SEO Will Revolutionize the Web of the Future

How Flash SEO Will Revolutionize the Web of the Future

Flash SEO, or Flash Search Engine Optimization, has been one of the fastest growing searches on the Internet since Google, Yahoo, and Adobe announced that they would be collectively enabling spiders to crawl and index the text within .swf files, therefore enabling natural Flash SEO listings. Though optimizing Flash SEO websites for search engines has been possible for some time through the use of sERF technology (essentially offering an alternative, HTML-based website behind the Flash website), that meant you had to create two separate sites to accomplish one objective. Not anymore!

Now, Flash-based websites can be search engine optimized without having to create a secondary site. This means many firms will be scrambling to learn all the in's and out's of using ActionScript to appropriately tag and optimize site elements, proper infrastructure of text inside Flash SEO files, and how to optimize individual Flash SEO utilities and in-page applications for maximum search engine exposure.

Because of this, now is the time to get on the ground floor of Flash SEO, because a huge market for understanding Flash search engine optimization technology looms on the horizon. The future of the web is in Flash, despite the current popularity of AJAX, PHP scripts, and other technologies. This is because web surfers want vivid animation as entertainment becomes a priority online. The entertainment quality of television is melding with the interactivity of the web, and only Flash can effectively combine the two into dynamic, entertaining pages that capture the visitors' imaginations -- and their dollars.

There are some new resources on the Web for Flash SEO, first and foremost SEO My Flash - where one can find free Flash SEO tools, Flash SEO news, and a plethora of other helpful Flash SEO resources. If you truly want to make your Flash website Flash SEO compatible, read up on Flash SEO as much as possible.

Those who learn the basic concepts of Flash SEO and learn how to apply effective Flash SEO search engine optimization techniques now will be ahead of the game when this ripening marketing comes to lucrative fruition.